When Is It Time to Hire an Executive Assistant

There comes a time in many people’s lives when it become necessary to ask for help and not try to handle everything all alone. There is certainly no shame in asking for this kind of help because it is often exactly what you need to achieve more, perform better, and feel happier.


This article explores the idea of when it’s time to hire an executive assistant and where to look for candidates when you’ve decided that hiring an executive assistant is the best option for you.


When You’re Starting to Feel Overwhelmed

Busy business leaders often find their schedules and to-do lists getting out of control at some point, which can really take a toll on their professionalism and mental health. If you start missing appointments, overbooking your days, or feeling the effects of stress more than usual, it may be time to hire an executive assistant. Now might also be the right time if you can’t remember the last time you took a vacation or if your personal life is starting to suffer because of work.


When Your Productivity Is Suffering

In a similar way, you might notice that your company’s profits are going down or that your employees’ performance is poor when you have more things to do than hours in the day. But if you hire an executive assistant, you might be able to turn your productivity slump around and start living up to your potential. An executive assistant can help you change your company’s internal processes when you know what needs to be done but just never have time to get around to administrative matters.


When You Know What You Need

Even the most experienced executives don’t always know what they need help with the most and how to ask for it. But if you have gotten to a point where you know exactly what an assistant could help you with, this is a great time to start the hiring process.


When you know what you want, you will be in a better position to evaluate potential candidates’ best qualities, such as being adaptable, anticipating needs, and having a tech-savvy skillset. At this point, executives can easily determine what they do well, what they dread doing, and what someone else could easily take off their plate.


When You Can Afford to Hire Help

There is some upfront cost involved with hiring an executive assistant, which is important to keep in mind for your budget even despite the long-term payoffs. When you feel financially secure enough to bring on a new team member to help you with day-to-day activities, contact Pavillion Agency to start your search.


The Process of Hiring an Executive Assistant

If one or more of these examples describes your current situation and hiring an executive assistant sounds like just what you need right now, Pavillion Agency can help. We work with many qualified and experienced executive assistants and personal assistants who can help you get a handle on your business and benefit both your company and you personally.


If you’re still undecided whether now is the right time to hire someone new, feel free to browse candidates on our website to learn about possible options or fill out our application to tell us more about what you are looking for in an executive assistant so that you discuss the details with our placement team. We look forward to helping you find the right person for the job and facilitating a successful working relationship between you and your new employee!

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