How to Build a Phenomenal Executive Assistant CV

Recruitment, Job application, contract and business employment concept. Hand giving the resume to the recruiter to review the profile of the applicant.A resume can only tell you so much about how a person will truly perform on the job, but this document is also the first impression you make on a potential employer and a great opportunity to stand out among the competition. This is especially true if you are looking for work as a personal or executive assistant because these jobs are in high demand, and there are often many qualified applicants to compete against.


To secure a job that’s a great fit with an employer you love working for, here are some tips for creating the best personal or executive assistant resume.


Write a Brief Personal Statement

One mistake that people often make is not including a personal statement or summary at the top of their CV. The best executive assistant resume examples have a one- or two-sentence statement towards the top of the page that concisely describes why the person is applying for the job.


This is a great way to grab the reader’s attention right away and make someone want to keep reading to learn more about you. Keep your statement short and to the point, perhaps with references about how long you’ve been in the industry and the skills you possess that would benefit a new employer.


Adapt Your CV for the Specific Job

Of course, it’s much easier to have one generic resume that you sent out to all potential jobs. But employers want to know that you are interested in their specific job and not just taking the easy way out by sending the exact same document to dozens of places. Tailor your content to the job that you are applying for by learning about what the job really entails and focusing your words on how you can fulfill the employer’s specific needs.


Here are some examples of skills that you may want to include and elaborate upon in your executive/personal assistant CV:

  • Calendar management
  • Correspondence
  • Accounting
  • Event planning
  • Running errands
  • Maintaining databases
  • Screening phone calls
  • Organizing files
  • Managing staff
  • Preparing presentations
  • Social media management
  • Travel arrangements


Make It Easy to Read with Bullet Points

Busy employers don’t have time to read big blocks of text and sift through long-winded paragraphs that don’t quickly get to the point. Make it easy on your reader by distilling information into bullet point text that itemizes your skills, work history, and qualifications.


You can incorporate keywords that employers looking for assistants want to see, such as calendaring, budgeting, editing, booking travel, and confidentiality. It also helps to have your CV organized into clearly defined sections and keep everything in a chronological format so that it is easy to follow.


Highlight What Makes You Unique

Potential job candidates can all start to look similar on paper after an employer has reviewed a big stack of resumes. To make your resume stand out, highlight the things that make you unique and different, such as interesting work assignments you’ve had in the past, study abroad experiences, and unusual hobbies that add a bit of personality and flair.


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