What Is a Digital Personal Assistant?

Busy professionals often hire personal assistants and executive assistants to help them with administrative tasks. But in our modern age, some people attempt to rely upon digital personal assistants to keep track of scheduling, data, and research.


The purpose of this article is to define what a digital personal assistant is, including the capabilities and limitations of this type of technology, so you can choose the best option for your needs.


What a Digital Personal Assistant Does

Digital personal assistants are pieces of technology and computer programs that perform basic tasks to help people stay organized and informed. They started becoming popular in the 1990s and were used before modern smartphones. Digital personal assistants are typically software-based and designed to help people complete tasks online, such as managing a schedule, playing music, controlling smart home technology, and answering questions.


Differences Between Digital Personal Assistants and Human Assistants

What really distinguishes a digital personal assistant is that this is an inanimate source of technology while personal, executive, and virtual assistants are actual humans.


Examples of digital personal assistants are Siri on iPhones, Bixby on Samsung phones, and Google Assistant on Android phones. Other types of digital personal assistant software that you may be familiar with include Cortana, Google Home, and Amazon Echo. These days, you’ll find digital assistant services offered on everything from smartwatches to speakers, appliances, cars, televisions, and instant messaging programs.


Hiring Your Own Personal or Executive Assistant

Although digital personal assistants can be very useful in daily life, they cannot replace the role of a real person who can help manage your workload, anticipate your needs, and communicate with you in a real way.


Pavillion Agency can help you find the right kind of human assistant for your work or home life and handle tedious jobs like making travel arrangements, scheduling appointments, answering phones and emails, filing documents, running errands, and planning events. Benefits of hiring a real person to be your assistant rather than solely relying upon technology include greater versatility in the types of support provided, the ability to juggle multiple obligations at the same time, and easing your stresses by working around your schedule.


Integrating Both Types of Assistants for Work and Personal Use

Yet there is definitely something to be said for integrating both a human assistant and a digital personal assistant into your life because of how useful these services can be when used simultaneously. For example, you may be able to set your digital personal assistant up to provide automated responses for common questions but then rely upon your personal/executive assistant to handle more complex and specific requests. Your digital personal assistant may be able to remind you about meetings that you have scheduled, but your personal/executive assistant can take care of reserving a room for the meeting, arranging for meal catering, and answering questions from the meeting attendees.

When you use both types of assistants for work or personal use, you may be able to save money, provide better service to your customers, avoid mistakes due to human error, and offer more customized services – all at the same time! The personal and executive assistants that Pavillion Agency can connect you with are well-versed in digital personal assistant technology and can help you make the most of the latest and greatest technology programs that are currently available.

Contact us to learn more and start your search today for your new assistant!

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