How to Have a Perfectly Carefree Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are a great way to switch up your routine, explore new places, and get some much-needed rest and relaxation. But planning and taking a trip can come with its own set of challenges and make people feel stressed out too.


To make the most of the summer season and enjoy every possible minute of it, here are some tips for having a carefree summer vacation and settling back in at home when your trip is done.


Get Help with the Planning Process

There is a lot that goes into planning a summer holiday, such as booking accommodations, arranging for transportation, and researching things to do. To help with these things, it is beneficial to have a personal assistant working for you. A personal assistant can make calls, coordinate reservations, and take the stresses out of travel planning.


Simplify Your Itinerary

One of the best ways to have a carefree summer vacation is to simplify your trip and not overload your itinerary. It can be tempting to pack your schedule with lots of things to see and do since you’ll only have a limited amount of time on your trip. But this can create unnecessary stress and detract from how enjoyable your vacation really could be. Set aside a few hours for downtime each day of your trip so that you can rest or have more flexibility for random activities that are suggested to you by locals.


Let Someone Else Handle the Cooking

To help you eat healthy and save time while on vacation, consider hiring a private chef to prepare meals during your trip. With a private chef on your vacation, you won’t have to waste time shopping for groceries, cooking food, or handling the cleanup in your vacation rental kitchen. This is also a way to stick to your diet and feel confident that any dietary restrictions are being catered to.


Make Sure Your Home Is Cared for While You’re Away 

If you plan to be on vacation for a week or longer, you might be worried about what the condition of your house will be like when you get back home. Consider having a housekeeper come clean your home while you are away on your trip so that it is spotless and organized when you arrive back.


To handle the outside areas of your home, an estate caretaker can maintain the yard and gardens, oversee various buildings on your property, and make basic repairs if something breaks. To supervise and manage the staff members on your property and ensure that everything is flowing smoothly while you are away, an estate manager is a huge asset to have on your side when you want a stress-free vacation.


Contact Pavillion to Learn How We Can Help

As you can see, having a carefree vacation starts with having the necessary help and skilled professionals in place to alleviate burdens and stresses. At Pavillion Agency, we connect traveling families and individuals with domestic employees that are trustworthy, reliable, and experienced. When you have a little extra help with planning and know that everything is taken care of back at home, you can truly relax on your holiday and make more memories with the people you care about.


To learn more about how Pavillion can help you have a carefree vacation this summer, call us at 212-889-6609 or contact us online.


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