Why Is It Important for Property Owners to Hire Estate Managers?

There are so many different things to go into running a household – from routine cleaning to scheduling repairs, overseeing land, supervising staff members, and planning events. Many people who own properties also have full-time jobs, families to take care of, and hobbies they love to do. This can all feel like too much to handle without a talented estate manager by your side.


Here is some information about the function of estate management and how to hire the best estate manager to help run your household.


The Function of Estate Management

Estate management refers to a broad range of tasks that support the day-to-day operations of private estates and help a household run smoothly. It often involves managing more than just what is inside a house and includes overseeing and maintaining parcels of land, grounds, outdoor buildings, and event spaces on the property. The goal of estate management is to streamline and coordinate activities on a property while staying within a defined budget and making life easier and more enjoyable for the property owner and family living onsite.


What an Estate Manager Does

Estate managers are versatile individuals who must be ready to handle many different duties with precision and professionalism. Here are some examples of what an estate manager can help you with on your property:

  • Manage events and rentals
  • Prepare a household budget
  • Oversee the work of other staff members
  • Coordinate repairs and maintenance
  • Promote a business operating on the estate
  • Handle insurance and legal requirements
  • Train staff members on new tasks
  • Meet with caterers and event planners


Benefits of Having an Estate Manager

Having a qualified and experienced estate manager in your home can greatly reduce your stress and help you do more with the property you own. This professional can help you start or maintain a business that you run on your estate, organize more events for guests, and take care of tedious tasks that you don’t have time for. Estate managers make it possible for their employers to spend more time doing the things they want to and need to be doing, such as work, family time, travel, and hobbies.

Your estate will have a more impressive and polished appearance, be in good hands when you travel, and never be left in disarray to cause you embarrassment. You can also save money in the long-run by hiring a financially savvy estate manager who can work with you to develop and stick to a budget while controlling unnecessary costs. It is especially important for people who own multiple properties to have an estate manager since no one can be in two places at once.


How to Hire an Estate Manager

If you are ready to hire an estate manager to get your household and property in order, Pavillion Agency can help. We have many qualified candidates on our platform who are ready to get to work on your property. These are trustworthy, experienced, and self-motivated individuals who know what it takes to get an estate in top shape for daily operations or for something special that you have planned.

To get started, fill out our family application or browse candidates on our website. We’ve been making meaningful personal service connections since 1962 and look forward to introducing you to your new estate manager while walking you through the interviewing and hiring process!

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