What Is a Household Manager and How to Hire One

Taking good care of a household requires a lot of time, energy, and hard work. But it can feel like too much to handle if you have a busy lifestyle and are consumed with work, activities, health issues, or social engagements. An increasing number of families are discovering the benefits of having a household manager on staff to keep everything running smoothly from day to day.

Here is a description of what a house manager does, including this domestic professional’s duties, responsibilities, and benefits in a modern household.


Household Manager Duties

The role of a household manager is similar to that of an estate manager, but also different in some ways. A house manager takes care of an individual house rather than an entire estate, which typically includes more than one home, building, or property. Some house managers work individually in a home, while others oversee additional staff members, such as housekeepers and landscapers.

Here are some examples of common household manager duties:

  • Greeting and serving guests
  • General housekeeping
  • Running errands
  • Scheduling travel and events
  • Keeping the household organized
  • Chauffeuring members of the household
  • Overseeing and training other household staff members
  • Handling household billing and budgeting
  • Organizing clothes and closets
  • Scheduling household maintenance and repairs
  • Shopping for food and preparing meals


Benefits of Having a House Manager

People hire house managers for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to spend more time with family, host more events for guests, and keep a tidier and more organized home. Household managers are beneficial for older adults or anyone with limited mobility because they can assist with the challenging physical requirements of independently owning a home. They are also beneficial for families with children because of how much time and care children require on a daily basis. Meanwhile, individuals in both large and small households hire house managers to deal with burdensome and time-consuming tasks that they simply don’t have time for and can’t get to promptly.


What to Look for in a Household Manager

There are certain characteristics in a person that make him or her a great household manager. These professionals must be very organized and able to take on many different types of tasks with confidence, willingness, and ease. They should be tech-savvy enough to enlist the help of modern technology when necessary and detail-oriented to keep accurate records of daily happenings and financial information.

You need to feel comfortable with your trusted household manager around your kids, pets, and guests. Excellent household managers understand the values of confidentiality and discretion, and they are self-motivated and solution-oriented. These are versatile employees that can do a little bit of everything, although they may be hired for certain niche specialties depending on the work that needs to be done.


How to Find a House Manager

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