Fees and Terms

Pavillion Agency Fees and Terms

Who pays the fees for Pavillion?

The Clients, Families and Employers pay the fees. Applicants and employees don’t pay the fees to Pavillion Agency.


Pavillion Agency has a tradition of providing unparalleled service and delivering industry leading value! Since 1962, our generous terms and unfaltering commitment to honor those terms has set us apart! We offer courteous, accurate, efficient and prompt service. We utilize cutting edge technology in conjunction with our core principals of honesty, integrity and transparency, which is the cornerstone of Pavillion Agency’s foundation. In that spirit, we are proud to publish our fee structure, allowing our patrons to easily and clearly understand the costs and terms associated with hiring through Pavillion.

Permanent Fee Schedule

– New York Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut)

  • For the placement of: Nannies, Governesses, Housekeepers, Laundresses, Chamber/Parlor Maids, Housemen, Butlers, Chefs, Private Chauffeurs and Estate Gardners
    15% of the projected gross annual salary
    30 day free trial period
  • For the placement of: House/Estate Managers, Major Domos, Caretakers, Domestic Couples, Property Managers, Personal/Executive Assistants, Yacht and Aircraft Crew
    20% of the projected gross annual salary
    60 day free trial period

– outside of New York Tri-State Area

  • Fees Start at 20% of the projected gross annual salary
    60 day free trial period

– outside of the continental United States:

  • Starting at *25% of the projected annual gross salary
    60 day free trial period
    Retained Search Fee typically required

Free Trial Period

Every permanent placement begins with our free trial period, which is unconditional with no catches or hidden costs. For local placements, the permanent fee you pay is further protected by a 30 day free replacement period.

We provide employers with a number of options as they approach the conclusion of their free trial period.

Options include:

  • For local placements: provided all parties are satisfied with the relationship, the employer may pay the entire fee and take comfort in knowing that their fee is protected by our 30 day unconditional free replacement guarantee.
  • For local, national and international placements: if the employer is still not convinced upon the completion of the trial and needs additional time, they may choose to continue the employment relationship and revert to our temporary placement terms. This alleviates the need to pay the full permanent fee on or before the last day of the trial period.
  • For local, national and international placements: the employer may terminate the employment relationship prior to the completion of the free trial period with no obligation to pay a fee.

Temporary Placement Fee Schedule

  • For all categories of personnel, and for all locations:
    30% of the employee’s total gross earnings for each and every assignment

Introducing the “Pavillion Retained Search Program”®

The Pavillion Retained Search Program is ideal for clients seeking a more exclusive experience, and for those challenging searches that demand more focused resources to source candidates who possess the skills, flexibility and experience required.
As a retained search partner, you will be paired with one of our distinguished placement specialists. This “one on one” relationship, supported by Pavillion Agency’s vast resources, will result in a finely tuned course of action, uniquely tailored for your family and household. Your job description will be carefully crafted with the utmost attention to privacy and discretion. It will be highlighted in our weekly email campaign sent to thousands of candidates, and posted to LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. As a final measure, we utilize robust internal networking – facilitated by our new Applicant Tracking software platform.

Retained search contracts start at $5,000.00

Disclaimer: The above terms and fee structures are for reference only and do not include the contractual language contained in our fee agreement. Upon placing a job order and enlisting our services, you will receive our formal and comprehensive fee agreement, which spells out our terms in greater detail.