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Recognized nationally as leaders and experts in our field, the media continually calls on Pavillion whenever their stories require our expertise in the household staffing industry. Since our national debut in Town & Country magazine (March 1977), we have been interviewed for numerous newspapers, magazines, television and radio programs.


Pavillion’s Seth Norman Greenberg sits down with the post to discuss How the pandemic has changed hiring household staff. - May 27, 2021

Business Insider

Seth Norman Greenberg sits down with Business Insider’s Mark Ellwood to discuss how the Pandemic has changed the relationship between household employers and their staff during months isolating together. - October 29, 2020

CNN Business

Keith Greenhouse sits down with CNN to discuss trends within the nanny industry and what it takes to be a 200k a year Nanny. - June 13, 2019

Business Insider

Seth Norman Greenberg sits down with Business Insider to discuss the differences of wealth today versus years past. - October 23, 2018

Business Insider

Rich families are paying baby nurses up to $800 a day - October 16, 2018

Business Insider takes a closer look at baby nurses and the benefits they bring to families. Seth Norman Greenberg peels back the curtain and explains everything you wanted to know about babynurses and more.

South China Morning Post

Chinese-American parents invest in a multilingual future for their children - October 15, 2018

Seth Norman Greenberg, Pavillion’s Marketing Director, opens up about the demands from American family’s for Mandarin speaking multilingual Nannies and Tutors.

Global Times

The importance of creating an advantage for children - December 12, 2017

High Net Worth Individuals recognize the importance of creating an advantage and edge for their children. Global Times sits down with Mr. Clifford Greenhouse, President of Pavillion Agency to explore this popular trend.

Town and Country Dec2017_400

Pavillion’s Unusual Requests - December 12, 2017

Mr. Keith Greenhouse, CEO of Pavillion Agency was interviewed and asked about interesting unusual requests.

How household employers use social media - December 12, 2017

The New York Times takes a closer look at how household employers use social media. Seth Norman Greenberg Pavillion Agency’s Marketing Director discusses the differences in Social Media behavior between the haves and have nots and the answers may surprise you!

The Insider - January 29, 2015

The Insider takes a look at household staff compensation and terms of employment.  Cliff Greenhouse of Pavillion Agency speaks on overtime pay and how it applies to domestic staff.

New York Times and, Home & Garden Section - February 13, 2014

Keith Greenhouse CEO of Pavillion Agency weighs in on The “New Domestics” and how household staff hold an array of skills that go beyond household duties.

CNBC.COM - September 14, 2013

Cliff Greenhouse, president of the Pavillion Agency, addresses the shift towards College graduates who are taking on Nanny Positions. - September 13, 2013

Pavillion Agency’s President, Cliff Greenhouse speaks to Slate’s Katy Waldman about the NBC news piece on the growing nanny industry and the need for college education.


Barron’s, Penta Daily - April 8, 2013

Cliff Greenhouse, president of Pavillion Agency and the Nanny Authority discusses “Nanny Taxes” and tax rules for household employees.

NYT Front page, Wealth Section - October 17, 2012

Clifford and Keith Greenhouse interviewed as authorities in the household staffing industry and Jennifer Malano interviewed from the

Bloomberg News Business Week - September 5, 2012

Clifford Greenhouse spoke to Businessweek Magazine. “Many Jobs in Nanny Economy, Few Qualified Applicant”

IO Donna Italy - June 21, 2012
Translated article:

CNN Money interview - June 18, 2012

“Six-figure nannies” – Nanny salaries are reaching new highs, according to one agency that places childcare workers for the ultra-rich.

NPR Radio (morning show) - March 29, 2012

[ Listen to the Interview ]

New York Times - March 25, 2012

[It’s the Economy] Pavillion Agency talks with Adam Davidson, of the New York Times, about the Best Nanny Money Can Buy. Cliff Greenhouse, President of Pavillion Agency and Seth Norman Greenberg, Vice President of Pavillion Agency introduce a few nannies as well as explain the various trends in nannies and the nanny market.

This article was also picked up on the following websites:

Yahoo (Business Insider) - March 21, 2012

Pavillion Agency is mentioned piggybacking on the New York Times piece, “The Best Nanny Money Can Buy”. Cliff Greenhouse, President of Pavillion Agency and Seth Norman Greenberg, Vice President of Pavillion Agency introduce a few nannies as well as discussing the various trends in nannies and the families that employ them.–180-000-a-year.html

AOL Jobs - March 21, 2012

“The Best Nanny Money Can Buy” article from the New York Times Magazine is mentioned on AOL. Pavillion Agency President Cliff Greenhouse and Seth Norman Greenberg, Vice President of Pavillion Agency both quoted in the article that discuss demands placed on nannies.

New York Times - March 20, 2012

[Motherlode, Adventures in Parenting] Pavillion Agency is quoted in the parenting blog of the New York Times, that talks about the $180,000 Nanny and it being worth every penny.

Dealbreaker - March 20, 2012

Seth Norman Greenberg, vice president of Pavillion Agency, discusses Nannies and their market value according their skill set.

CCTV - March 19, 2012

Clifford Greenhouse, President of Pavillion Agency, discusses with CCTV the trend in hiring Mandarin speaking nannies and the various reasons why.

NPR (Planet Money) - March 19, 2012

Seth Norman Greenberg, Vice President of Pavillion Agency, weighs in on Nanny salaries and the types of duties some families expect, and pay for!

New York Times - May 24, 2011

[Wealth Matters] Keith Greenhouse interviewed regarding the spending habits of the rich and how, if at all, was the household staffing industry affected.

Economia - May 16, 2011

Seth Norman Greenberg was interviewed about the trends of families hiring Mandarin and Cantonese speaking nannies.

Bloomberg News Business Week - March 29, 2011

Keith Greenhouse talks with Max Abelson regarding household training and various responsibilities for butlers, and household employees.

MSNBC - September 30, 2009

Cliff Greenhouse comments about “Tibetan nannies: Parents’ new status symbol? Popularity of caregivers of certain ethnicities raises uncomfortable issues”.

New York Times - February 21, 2009

Keith Greenhouse comments on Wall Street executives training to become Butlers and salaries for top personal service staff.

Time Out New York Magazine - January 22, 2009

[Make Money]
Pavillion Agency is mentioned as an agency currently hiring Personal Assistants.

Page Six Magazine - April 20, 2008

[The double nanny diaries]
Cliff Greenhouse comments on the benefits that some households obtain from having two nannies “There’s often one nanny with a very strong education … At least 50 percent of the orders I’m getting require a college degree, often related to education or the arts.”

New York Times - April 14, 2008

[Among the very rich, no spending slowdown]
Keith Greenhouse comments on the “widening gap between the merely rich and the ultra rich… he suspects that the merely rich might be starting to lag behind their far richer counterparts, and are trimming their budgets; he cited a reduced demand for chauffeurs- a relatively small ticket service-yet ever strong demand for private chefs, butlers and ‘household managers.'”

The New York Observer - February 25, 2008

[Driving Mr. Baby]
Keith Greenhouse and Holly Rucki commenting on the increased demand for Nannies who drive & their average salaries; Keith Greenhouse says “As the kids get older, the nanny may have less responsibility and the driver may step in”

INC Magazine - November 1, 2007

[Professional Help Cross that off your to do list: Get stuff done in transit without endangering others]
Pavillion Agency is mentioned as one of the staffing organizations that can help you find a chauffeur.

The New York Observer - July 23, 2007

[Wanted Tibetan Nannies: New York parents seek status, supposed Buddhist calming influence]
Cliff Greenhouse discusses the increase in demands for Tibetan nannies and the differences between the cultural/educational need and those seeking Tibetan nannies to keep up with NYC trends. Cliff Greenhouse is quoted “…he can only field requests for nannies from a specific ethnic group if there is ‘a bona fide educational reason.’ … ‘We’re seeing this more and more. It’s a result of the growing number of extremely wealthy families who can afford to seek out and employ someone to teach their children a language. And as the pool of Tibetans doing household work grows, then people are starting to request them as nannies more. People love the Tibetans.'”

Newsweek Magazine - June 25, 2007

[‘Mannies’ for Hire]
Cliff Greenhouse comments on the “growing signs of acceptance” of male nannies “I see it especially for the 40 year old woman raising a kid on her own who wants a male role model around. I also see it with dads in their 70s who want someone to run around with the soccer ball.”

ABC Nightline, Bill Weir - June 20, 2007

[Mary Poppins makes way for the Manny]
Cliff Greenhouse comments “We have placed many over the years but there’s not enough. The percentage of male nannies in the work force is probably less than 1 percent,” he said. “Many of the child-care providers we place are making salaries in excess of $100,000. The only thing holding back the growth, probably, is the lack of males interested in doing this as a career.”

“The Radio Ritas”, hosted by Maureen Langan & Diane Dimond - June 1, 2007

Clifford Greenhouse, President of Pavillion Agency & Nanny Authority is interviewed on the “What’s up with Guys?” segment regarding Male Nannies; otherwise known as a “Manny.”

BBC, Tara Gadomski - June 1, 2006

Clifford Greenhouse discusses the current growing demand for Mandarin-speaking nannies, who are being hired at an increasing rate.

ZDF German Television, Susanne Lingemann (Producer New York Redaktion) - April 1, 2006

Featuring Clifford Greenhouse discussing the new high demand for Mandarin-speaking nannies.

CNN, Chris Wallace - March 1, 2006

Clifford Greenhouse spoke about the increasing number of families requesting Mandarin-speaking nannies. More and more families are hiring nannies who can teach their children to speak and read Mandarin, the national language of China, at an early age.

Crain’s New York Business Magazine - February 1, 2006

[Baby Talk in Mandarin: New York families think global, seek Chinese nannies]
Clifford Greenhouse, president of the Pavillion Agency…says he receives dozens of calls from job seekers in China whom he has to turn away because they are not already landed immigrants. Instead, he resorts to ads in Chinese papers here and word-of-mouth references to find documented Mandarin-speaking au pairs. “I’m receiving about 50 requests a year, and if I’m filling 10% of them I’m happy,” says Mr. Greenhouse. He adds that a qualified Mandarin speaker who knows English, has experience with child care and is documented is such a rare commodity that she would have her pick of 10 families.

New York Times - July 16, 2005

[Taking Superparents in Hand]
Clifford Greenhouse, the president of the Pavillion employment agency in Manhattan, estimated that at least 10 percent of the personal assistants he places started as nannies, significantly more than a few years ago. He sees the transition as a natural one. “I often refer to nannies as personal assistants for kids, because they’re so involved on scheduling and shuttling and party planning for the children,” he said. “As the children grow older it’s natural that nannies, instead of buying all the presents for the children’s birthday parties, are asked to get reservations at local eateries and coordinate travel logistics for the parents.”

Parents Magazine - June 25, 2005

[Try a Nanny Share]
Nanny sharing can be an ideal setup, but families-and nannies-should set ground rules up front, says Clifford Greenhouse, president of the Pavillion Agency, a nanny employment agency in New York City.

Record Searchlight - April 17, 2005

[Manly Nanny]
Record Searchlight interviewed Pavillion’s Seth Greenberg regarding male nannies: Greenberg, an agent for all types of household staffing (chefs, housekeepers, chauffeurs, security people, etc.), has placed Soriano [a male nanny] in one full-time position and several temporary ones. Greenberg said male nannies are in tremendous demand for various reasons. Some families like the extra security or energy a man provides, and when Dad is not in the picture much or at all, a male role model is desirable. Greenberg said some positions come with perks – 401Ks, gym and spa memberships, personal trainers, cars, health insurance, college tuition reimbursement and more. And some families have more than one nanny, even up to one for each child. “There are all different types of families out there,” Greenberg said from his New York City office. “Many of them are very successful and their lives are very demanding. The idea of a caregiver is a lot more appealing than cutting back on their lives, both professionally and personally.”

New York Magazine - April 4, 2005

[Great Toddle Forward: To make their babies competitive in the global economy, parents are making them learn Chinese.]
At the Pavillion Agency, requests for Mandarin-speaking sitters are up tenfold since 2000, says Clifford Greenhouse, mainly from “extremely affluent” parents.

Financial Times - June 19, 2004

[A house is a small, very good hotel]
Rough economic times have forced many affluent clients to streamline their domestic staffs and eliminate specialize positions, such as valets or laundresses, says Keith Greenhouse, who owns New York’s Pavillion Agency with his brother, Clifford. “Often the owners have no idea how to run these houses,” says Greenhouse, who makes about 600 placements a year for 400 clients, about a third of whom have five or more full-time staff. So they look more to their house managers to do everything from pack a suitcase to co-ordinate children’s schedules, pick up an aunt at the airport or prepare a low-carb meal. Salaries start at about $55,000 but quickly rise to more than $100,000, he says. Clients may request a house manager who can double as a cook. “There’s a trend where people are picking up more and more tasks,” says Greenhouse. “The ideal house manager can do every position.”

Stratos: The Premier In-Flight Magazine for Corporate and Private Jets - April 25, 2004

Keith Greenhouse was interviewed by Stratos Magazine regarding private chefs. “Many families are very wealthy but live a very laid back casual lifestyle,” says Keith Greenhouse, who has placed “a couple hundred’ chefs during his 25 years as owner of Pavillion Agency. “They might be people who like to hang out and eat in the kitchen. The chef has to be okay with the dog under his feet or the kids running in and out. Or, of course, they might be more formal.”

New York Times - March 7, 2004

[Not Just for Celebrities: Private Security Service]
Keith Greenhouse, president of the Pavillion Agency in New York, which provides armed chauffeurs, agreed. “In their own mind,” he said, “they feel they’re at risk.” Even with state licenses, bodyguards are “not above the law,” Mr. Greenhouse of Pavillion said. Bodyguards must obey all traffic laws, for example, and are not permitted to make arrests.

Avenue Magazine - September 30, 2003

[Apartment Living – Upper East Side Life Is Glorious-And Only The Deep-Pocketed Need Apply]
When you enter many Park or Fifth Avenue apartment buildings, a white-gloved doorman opens the door and politely greets you. Finely upholstered sofas and richly paneled walls envelope you as your arrival is announced. Waiting, you inhale the scent of wealth, and might wonder “How much does it cost to live this way?”

Never ask. If you have to, “You shouldn’t be here,” advises Holly Rucki, assistant to Clifford Greenhouse, president of the posh Pavillion Agency which staffs many of these privileged households. Greenhouse and his family have been staffing the uber rich since his father started the business in 1962.

“Whatever your needs are,” Greenhouse boasts, “If you’re looking for the highest quality we have it.”

The Christian Science Monitor - May 16, 2003

[Nannies Get New Rights in N.Y.C. Measure]
“These are people who are working out of their garages and charging applicant fees,” says Keith Greenhouse, owner of the Pavillion Agency, a New York agency that places workers in domestic jobs. “Domestic Workers are typically treated very well. The pay scale for this work is phenomenal.”

New York Times - May 15, 2003

[New Protections for Nannies are Approved by Council]
Clifford Greenhouse, co-owner of the Pavillion Agency, criticized the legislation, saying it would do little for domestic workers because only a small percentage of them are placed by employment agencies. “The licensed agencies are placing people in positions that far exceed the legal standards, even double or triple, ” he said. “This legislation is asking the agencies to police the very people that are paying our fees. They’re also asking families to commit to very rigid job specifications which change almost daily.”

Time Magazine - May 12, 2003

[I want Your Job, Lady!]
In a sour economy, men are flocking to nursing, child care and other “female” professions. “I have a larger demand than the pool of available male nannies,” says Cliff Greenhouse president of the Pavillion Agency in New York City, which has placed three men in recent months, up from maybe one annually in recent years.

Channel 7 Eye Witness News News, Stacy Sager - February 21, 2003

[“The Manny”]
Featuring Cliff Greenhouse and Lloyd Morgan (professional male nanny), discussing the rising demand for mannies. Taped at Pavillion’s New York City headquarters.

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