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[Manly Nanny]
Record Searchlight interviewed Pavillion’s Seth Greenberg regarding male nannies: Greenberg, an agent for all types of household staffing (chefs, housekeepers, chauffeurs, security people, etc.), has placed Soriano [a male nanny] in one full-time position and several temporary ones. Greenberg said male nannies are in tremendous demand for various reasons. Some families like the extra security or energy a man provides, and when Dad is not in the picture much or at all, a male role model is desirable. Greenberg said some positions come with perks – 401Ks, gym and spa memberships, personal trainers, cars, health insurance, college tuition reimbursement and more. And some families have more than one nanny, even up to one for each child. “There are all different types of families out there,” Greenberg said from his New York City office. “Many of them are very successful and their lives are very demanding. The idea of a caregiver is a lot more appealing than cutting back on their lives, both professionally and personally.”