How Do Household Employee Payroll Services Work?

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How Do Household Employee Payroll Services Work?

Finding and hiring the best employees to work in your home can be a challenge, but so can navigating the complicated world of payroll and taxes. If you have never hired domestic employees before, the financial aspects of this arrangement might seem intimidating.

Fortunately, there are household employee payroll services (for nannies and other types of employees) available to help you navigate these details,

What Makes the Manny Different?

Written by Norma Oropeza

When beginning the process of hiring a Nanny, most families almost automatically and exclusively interview female candidates.  Female Nannies make up the majority of the candidate pool, however, they are also generally perceived as more nurturing and kind-hearted.   But, there are also equally caring male childcare providers commonly referred to as “Mannies” that are often overlooked.