What Makes the Manny Different?

Written by Norma Oropeza

When beginning the process of hiring a Nanny, most families almost automatically and exclusively interview female candidates.  Female Nannies make up the majority of the candidate pool, however, they are also generally perceived as more nurturing and kind-hearted.   But, there are also equally caring male childcare providers commonly referred to as “Mannies” that are often overlooked.  A reputable domestic staffing agency such as Pavillion Agency Inc. or The Nanny Authority will walk you through all your options so you can make the best choice for one of your most important decisions when it comes to your children.

Manny Responsibilities

Can your children use a positive, “big brother” type of role model?   Can they benefit from someone who can not only help with homework but bring them to after school activities, practice sports, and engage in physical play at parks and other recreation areas?  Nannies do these very same things and also engage children in active play; however, a child with an affinity for football and baseball may want someone with a similar genuine interest and experience in practicing and attending such sports.  Considering experienced and well-vetted male applicants expands the candidate pool and helps ensure that the family is getting the best person for the position.

A Manny, like their female counteparts, may also assist with other household duties such as cooking, housekeeping, and personal/family assistant duties. When looking for a Professional Nanny or Professional Manny for your children, it is important to first identify what is most important to your search in order to determine which individual would benefit your family the most.  At Pavillion Agency Inc. and the Nanny Authority, we can help you identify the best candidates for your household, regardless of gender.

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