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Why is This Blog So Relevant?

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Why is this blog so relevant? Its focus will explore every aspect surrounding the unique world of Personal Service. We will discuss and tackle issues that hold an important role in the rapidly evolving household employment Industry.

Along with contributions from Keith Greenhouse and Cliff Greenhouse,

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What is a Governess? by Jeffrey Gratton

A governess teaching a child basic academic skills

A Governess is a professional caregiver who knows everything that a nanny knows – but more.  Their position in the household typically entails a more comprehensive focus on education and a few non-educational components as necessary.  Traditionally, Governesses have been around since the 19th century,

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The Qualities and Duties of a Butler – Olga Belykh

A butler smiling and holding a serving platter

The position of a Butler has evolved over time, adapting with changing times and society. Though there have been adjustments made to the duties, some responsibilities have remained the same. For more information on the crucial components on what comprises a Butler,

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Hire a Summer Nanny: How the Hiring Process Works – Norma Oropeza

Summer nanny in the garden with her child

With the many joys that summer brings, one major and important task is how to keep the kids busy, happy, and safe when school is out. Hiring a Summer Nanny has become a popular go-to for parents in need of a one-on-one,

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NYC Family-Friendly Summer 2018 Activity Bucket List – Jessica McWeeney

Kids lying in the grass in a NYC park

Summers should be filled with fun, sun and a multitude of exciting activities for the kids to enjoy all day long. There is so much to do in New York City that will keep your children engaged and active during the season.

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Personal Assistant Cover Letter – Ira Weissman

Personal assistant in a job interview

A Personal Assistant will ensure the seamless execution of a principal’s day-to-day routine. To be successful at the position, he or she must possess attention to details and accuracy, computer literacy and Microsoft Office skills, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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Is There a Difference Between an EA and PA? – Norma Oropeza

A personal assistant planning her boss's schedule

Pavillion Agency has been the Leader in the field of Personal Service since 1962, so it should come as no surprise that we also staff Personal Assistants and consecutively, Executive Assistants. Despite EAs and PAs having completely different functions, they have one thing in common – to ensure the smooth running of their employer’s personal life or business.

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The Right Approach When Housekeepers Accidentally Cause Damage – Rosalie Aguilar

Housekeeper cleaning a home

Unfortunately, accidents happen. What is important is how the individual approaches the accident. A true professional housekeeper is trustworthy and regardless of how distressing the situation is, will always be honest and transparent. Taking responsibility and being accountable is a key strength and will foster trust in the relationship between employer and employee.

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A Note About Parents, Nannies and Social Media – Tina Gelashvili

Smart phone with notification icons flying out of it

It is hard to ignore that in this age of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, social media not just helps us stay connected, but also defines every aspect of our daily existence. We feel compelled to put our innermost thoughts on our social media page,

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Summer is Over, But It Is the Perfect Time to Hire Household Staff!

I need to hire a new Housekeeper when we return from the summer season.  How far in advance do I need to start my search?  Is it too early?  Is it too late?  What is the best way to structure my search discreetly when I have someone currently in the role?  

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