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What Is a Horticulturist and How Does One Differ from a Groundskeeper?

female horticulturist tending to lettuce

If you love plants and working outside, there are various career paths that you can explore to pursue these passions. For example, you can work as a biologist, conservationist, landscaper, florist, groundskeeper or horticulturalist.

In this article, we are exploring what a horticulturalist does,

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What Is a Groundskeeper, and What Do Groundskeepers Do?

stepping stones surrounded by flowers

Maintaining the exterior of a home and surrounding property takes a lot of time, effort, and specialized skills. Not everyone has the availability or desire to take care of these tasks, which is why groundskeepers are in high demand at individual residences and places of business.

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Typical Duties of a Travel Nanny and How to Become One

Child Gazing At The Clouds With Her Nanny

When most people think about what the job of a nanny looks like, they envision days spent at home caring for children as they eat, sleep, play, and learn. But there is a unique type of nanny whose job is actually to travel with a family and take care of the kids on a vacation,

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Defying Stereotypes: What a Female Butler Does and How to Become One

Pavillion Agency Private Chauffeur

When many people think of a butler, an image of an older man dressed in a formal suit comes to mind. However, this domestic staff position can be filled by women just as well in today’s modern world. As gender stereotypes are challenged and tossed to the wayside,

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What Is a Household Manager and How to Hire One

household staff

Taking good care of a household requires a lot of time, energy, and hard work. But it can feel like too much to handle if you have a busy lifestyle and are consumed with work, activities, health issues, or social engagements.

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Nanny Resume

baby nurse or nanny reading a book to two little kids

There are thousands of people who work as professional nannies in the U.S., and this is a growing industry with a lot of competition. So, how do you stand out among the competition to find your dream job?

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Why is This Blog So Relevant?

Our Team - Pavillion Agency

Why is this blog so relevant? Its focus will explore every aspect surrounding the unique world of Personal Service. We will discuss and tackle issues that hold an important role in the rapidly evolving household employment Industry.

Along with contributions from Keith Greenhouse and Cliff Greenhouse,

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Babysitter Taxes: What Babysitters and Employers Need to Know

nanny homeschool teaching young children

If you have recently hired someone to help take care of your children, you’re likely consumed with working out a convenient schedule, required duties, an agreeable rate, and best method of payment. However, taxes are another thing that should be on your mind as either the babysitter or the parent or guardian who is the employer.

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What It Takes to Become a Chauffeur Driver and Get Hired

Personal Driver or Chauffeur

Individuals get into the chauffeuring industry for a variety of reasons, including a love of driving, a passion for cars, to see new places, or for a reliable income. But what is the best way to pursue this line of work,

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How Do Household Employee Payroll Services Work?

Boss talking with her executive assistant

Finding and hiring the best employees to work in your home can be a challenge, but so can navigating the complicated world of payroll and taxes. If you have never hired domestic employees before, the financial aspects of this arrangement might seem intimidating.

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How to Have a Perfectly Carefree Summer Vacation

Young women hanging out at the beach, at sunset

Summer vacations are a great way to switch up your routine, explore new places, and get some much-needed rest and relaxation. But planning and taking a trip can come with its own set of challenges and make people feel stressed out too.

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