An Update from Our Team, for Those in the Workforce

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An Update from Our Team, for Those in the Workforce

We are all living in quite a new landscape! With the spread of COVID-19, people the world over are adapting and learning how to move forward in their lives – particularly in regard to employment. In our realm of household staffing, we’ve encountered some trends that are worth exploring. So,

A Competitive Job Market Means Competitive Candidate Criteria

Written By Ira Weissman

As the Leader in the Field of Personal Service it is our aim to help everyone who comes to us seeking employment.  Unfortunately, the market is such that we cannot always be successful.  Our clients, the most prominent in the country,

Who is Your Preferred Candidate?

Written by Rosalie Aguilar

Jane Doe is a highly educated candidate with a Master’s Degree and certifications. She is knowledgeable and trained in caring for any type of household and is looking for one of her first positions in a residence.

Mary Smith has long-term experience working in private residential settings,