White Glove Training


Many clients have called us over the years stating, “while we love our current staff, they are lacking in certain areas”.  We provide a definitive solution to such issues where staff replacement is not necessary.  In keeping with Pavillion’s tradition of total dedication to fulfilling our clients’ needs, we created a unique service – – White Glove Training.

Our knowledgeable White Glove Trainers work closely with you in order to determine the most appropriate training strategy for your home and staff. They observe and evaluate staff performance in order to provide appropriate suggestions and lessons for improvement. With years of experience working in private homes, our professional trainers not only educate staff but also provide insightful suggestions, share insider’s tips, and give advice specific to your home. Here is how it works:

  • Clients choose between half-day, full-day, and multiple day options.
  • Professional trainers provide in-home consultations, staff evaluations, and post-training reports.
  • Payments are hassle-free and includes both the trainer’s and the agency’s fee.

(Note, clients are responsible for travel related expenses where it applies.  Fee must be paid in advance to secure one of our professional trainers.)

For your staff, the training experience will prove to be priceless; for you, the results will be invaluable. Inquire to learn more about our available trainers!