Candidate Relationship With Pavillion

Pavillion Agency Candidate Relationship

Candidate relationship with Pavillion Agency

Candidates new to Pavillion Agency often have questions regarding the recruitment process. It is essential for candidates to understand this unique and special relationship. Pavillion pioneered the elimination of fees charged to candidates in the mid 80’s. As such, candidates never pay a fee for a job.

Our client base consists of some of the most affluent individuals, families and companies in the world. As such, our candidate pool consists of the finest personal service staff in the industry. Pavillion’s job is to match qualified candidates with the appropriate positions for our clients. The manner in which we make these matches requires significant resources. We put numerous hours into screening, interviewing, reference and background checking.

Our mission is to make your job search a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Your relationship with Pavillion will be one that is professional with the utmost respect.

Following are some helpful tips on maximizing your communication with Pavillion along with responsibilities you will have:

Communication – be sure to always report to Pavillion all details of phone calls, emails, text messages, interviews, as well as any positions that have been offered by any of Pavillion’s clients. It is imperative that no communication is attempted with clients whose information was provided to you by Pavillion. Never hesitate to reach out directly to us when you feel the need for advice and guidance, or would like to know feedback from clients. Knowing the importance of communication, it is our priority to keep you informed throughout the entire placement process.

Responsibility – it is your responsibility to inform Pavillion immediately upon receiving offers of employment or pending employment with any of our clients. Be sure not to refer friends or anyone else to our clients for employment purposes. Pavillion welcomes and is grateful for your personal referrals of qualified candidates. Be sure not to divulge any confidential information you acquire, relating to Pavillion and its clients.

It is important to understand that Pavillion strives to find the best possible position for you, and that this process may take some time. To that end, please understand that we do not guarantee employment.

Your only obligation as a Pavillion candidate is to represent us well! We will do the rest!