Consulting Services

 Pavillion ConsultingPavillion Consulting

was created to fill a very specific need.

Over the years we have often been asked the question “How do I staff my home?” We have also answered the question as best we could, in an informal way. However, we are hearing this question more and more and as a consequence we have formalized our response by creating Pavillion Consulting.

Upon request, Pavillion will send one of the senior members of our team to conduct an in-home evaluation. In close consultation with the family, taking into account the truly individual needs of each household, we would recommend a course of action – whether supplementing current staff, fine tuning the skills of that staff, or suggesting that an entirely new configuration would work best because of the changing needs of the family. All recommendations would be presented to the family in a formal report outlining the reasons for our recommendations and possible alternate solutions as well. This report is for the family’s review and can be amended and tailored to any of the family’s concerns.

Of course, confidentiality is paramount. At no time would anyone (including any current or past staff) be aware of this consultation. The family is under no obligation to engage additional staff through Pavillion.