Private Chef

Private Chef

A private chef often possesses a formal culinary education and/or has apprenticed in fine dining establishments and works for a private family or individual. A private chef differs from a personal chef in that they focus their energy and creativity on one family or individual as opposed to providing occasional chef services to a variety of private clients at one time.

While each position has its unique demands, the duties of a Private Chef often include menu planning, family and staff meal preparation, food shopping, pantry inventory, wine pairing, formal table setting and service, and they may even acts as an in-residence kitchen design consultant. The nature of the position requires a constant “front-of-the-house” attitude.

Our impressive roster includes some of the city’s and the world’s most talented chefs.   Our chefs not only possess a formal culinary education, but many have backgrounds in Michelin Star restaurants, luxury yachts, and diamond standard hotels in addition to private homes.   With an immense and diversified candidate pool, we are able to assist any gourmand’s culinary needs.

We place a variety of chef positions to meet your different culinary needs including:

  • Full-Time or Part-Time Private Chefs
  • Corporate Dining Room Chefs
  • Summer Chefs
  • Short-Term Chefs

If you are looking to hire a qualified Private Chef (whether full-time or part-time, Hamptons or Holidays), please call one of our placement specialists today. You can get started now by filling out our application here.

For qualified candidates looking for a Private Chef position, please visit our For Applicants tab to see how you can register with our agency.

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