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A private chef often possesses a formal culinary education and/or has apprenticed in fine dining establishments and works for a private family or individual. Private chefs differ from personal chefs in that they focus their energy and creativity on one family or individual, as opposed to providing occasional chef services to a variety of private clients at one time.

While each position has its unique demands, the duties of a private chef often include menu planning, family and staff meal preparation, food shopping, pantry inventory, wine pairing, formal table setting and service, and they may even act as an in-residence kitchen design consultant. The nature of the position requires a constant “front-of-the-house” attitude.

Why Pavillion Is the Best Agency to Find Your Private Chef

Bringing any new staff member into your home and life is a big decision and never one to be taken lightly. Pavillion Agency has been leading the field of personal service since 1962, and we know what it takes to find a great match between a household employer and a private or personal chef. We have a stringent screening process that includes reference and background checks, extensive in-person interviews, and assessments of candidates’ abilities to cater to clients’ exact needs.

Our impressive roster includes some of the city’s and the world’s most talented chefs. Our chefs not only possess a formal culinary education, but many have backgrounds in Michelin Star restaurants, luxury yachts, and diamond standard hotels, in addition to private homes. With an immense and diversified candidate pool, we are able to assist any gourmand’s culinary needs.


Types of Private Chef Positions

At Pavillion Agency, we work with chefs to fill a variety of chef positions to meet your different culinary needs, including the following:


Full-Time or Part-Time Private Chefs

Depending on your needs, a private chef can work in your home on a full-time or part-time basis. A full-time private chef can prepare all daily meals fresh and handle cleanup, while a part-time chef may prepare multiple meals in advance so household members can heat them up later at meal times.


Corporate Dining Room Chefs

We also work with wonderful chefs in corporate dining room settings to serve business clients. These chefs prepare business lunches, provide mid-day snacks and beverages, and offer special dinners for celebrations and holiday parties.


Summer Chefs

Summer chefs often work for families who have summer homes, such as a lake house or waterfront mansion. This is a time for families to relax and enjoy being on vacation, so a private chef can take care of all the meals and prepare summertime favorites that everyone will love.


Short-Term Chefs

Some people only need chefs on a short-term basis while they are transitioning into a new job, moving into a new house, or getting used to having a new baby in the house. We also work with chefs that are available on a short-term basis to help you through especially busy times of life when you want to eat well and be healthy in a convenient way.


Hire a Private or Personal Chef to Improve Your Health

Not only is hiring a private chef a great way to save time and eat delicious meals, but it is also an excellent strategy to improve your health. Private chefs can introduce you to a variety of nutritious foods that you might never think to prepare yourself or not have time to prepare, as well as different styles and ethnicities of cuisine that you’ll love.

With a private chef, it’s easy to eat healthy because you don’t have to deal with the hassles of grocery shopping, prep work, and cook time. Having a private chef in your home allows you to focus more on your job, family, and hobbies. It also helps you embrace your foodie side and enjoy the simple pleasures of delicious cuisine.


How a Private Chef Can Cater to Your Unique Needs

Private chefs are experts in catering to clients’ exact needs and specifications since they serve only you as an individual or a family. It is a good idea to hire a private chef if someone in your family has dietary restrictions, such as a peanut allergy, gluten sensitivity, or shellfish allergy. A private chef can make sure that no allergens are used in food preparation or stored anywhere in the kitchen to keep your family safe. People on vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, or other specialized diets also benefit from having a private chef.

When you have a private chef on your household staff, you can also eat whenever is convenient for you because it is the job of a private chef to cater to your schedule. This is beneficial if you work irregular hours at your job or if your kids are involved in extracurricular activities that change family dinner times from one day to the next.


Contact Pavillion for All Your Private Chef Needs

For all of these reasons and many more, Pavillion Agency is the best private chef agency to work with if you want to eat healthier, more deliciously, and enjoy more convenient meals on a regular basis. We are the largest household staffing agency in the U.S. and guarantee that you are introduced to only the most qualified and experienced candidates who work in this sector of the culinary industry.

If you are looking to hire a qualified private chef (whether full-time or part-time, for the Hamptons or on holidays), please call our placement specialists today. You can get started now by filling out our application here.

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