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Cooking is not always by the book. Over the years, Pavillion has had the privilege of representing some of the finest private family Cooks in the country. Although these Cooks are not Chefs and do not have formal culinary education, they are naturally talented and some have taken various cooking classes as well. They have references and experience as Cooks for other families, making them comfortable in a personal service position. These Cooks specialize in “family” cooking. Whether preparing snacks for the children, family meals, holiday dinners or small dinner parties – they bring a style of their own to their chosen profession. Sometimes specializing in a specific cuisine but often having a wider range — from healthy vegan to French and Italian, Pavillion can provide a cook to suit any family’s needs. The Cooks we represent will do grocery shopping, organize and maintain inventory of pantry, keep a spotless and sanitary kitchen, do formal table setting and serving, are able to live-in or live-out and many have the flexibility to travel as well.

If your family or company is looking to hire a qualified Cook, consider working with a Cook agency like Pavillion Agency Inc. Get started by filling out our application.

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