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Over the years, Pavillion Agency has had great success sourcing and placing experienced summer nannies who are looking for positions just for the season. The typical scenario is from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but one- or two-month assignments are not unusual.

Athletic, fun, creative, and energetic – summer nannies love being with the family full-time, whether on a live-in or live-out basis. They are happy to travel with the family as needed and have extremely flexible schedules. Swimming and driving are usually a must. All of our summer nannies are fully vetted, with references attesting to their ability and commitment to safely! They will escort/drive children to athletic activities, pools, beaches, and other fun destinations – all in the name of a fun-filled, stress-free, and enjoyable summer!


The Pavillion Difference in Nanny Services

There are many ways to hire a new summer nanny – such as replying to a local ad, by word-of-mouth, or by working with a trusted nanny staffing agency that takes your best interests to heart. We identify and secure the finest summer nanny candidates available for the most discriminating homes in the country. Founded in 1962, we’re the largest household staffing agency in America and know what it takes to be a great summer nanny and excel in this line of work.

Why Your Family Might Need a Summer Nanny

Many parents don’t need a nanny during the school year because kids are busy in their school classrooms during the day when parents are at work. But summer vacation poses new challenges for many families who need consistent and convenient childcare while school is not in session. Summer nanny care can help fill in the gaps between summer camp hours and playdates so that your child is always safe and taken care of. A summer nanny will work around your summer schedule and handle all the transportation needs and logistics of getting kids where they need and want to be during this fun season.

Having a summer nanny can also help your children continue learning all throughout the summer and avoid education retention loss during their absence from the formal classroom setting. Fun and educational lessons taught by a summer nanny will set your child up for success in the next school year and help children be more prepared to do well in their future academic lives.


Why a Summer Nanny Is Essential for Vacations and Business Trips

Other excellent times to have a summer nanny for your children is when you are taking a family vacation or going on a business trip. A summer nanny can accompany you and your kids on your vacation and keep the little ones entertained so you can enjoy adult activities without worrying about how they’re doing. This way, everyone in the family will feel like they got a true vacation without having to sacrifice the things they really want to see and do.

If you’re going on a summer business trip, you can bring the kids along to increase their travel experience and introduce them to new places if you have a summer nanny. The nanny can keep kids entertained with sightseeing and activities while you’re busy at meetings and conferences. Then when your work duties are done, you can spend time with your kids in an exciting new environment. Having a summer nanny provides a great way to find balance between your work and family lives so that you get to spend as much time as possible with your kids in the summer without sacrificing your career.


Qualities of a Great Summer Nanny

The qualities to look for in a summer nanny are somewhat similar to those of any type of nanny, but summer nanny positions typically require greater flexibility and a wonderfully fun attitude. Your summer nanny should be flexible with scheduling and be able to adjust plans according to the summertime needs of parents and children. Summer nannies should be creative, energetic, and fun so that they are ready for all of the excitement that the summer season brings.

Other summer nanny qualities to look for when you are ready to hire a new household staff member for your family include being trustworthy, dependable, having a love of children, and having extensive knowledge about child development. To help children continue learning all throughout the summer, your summer nanny should also be prepared to offer educational summer lessons and activities for children in addition to all the outdoor fun.


Why Choose Pavillion for Your Summer Nanny Needs

When you work with Pavillion for your summer nanny needs, you will have access to more high-quality nanny options than anywhere else. We’re based in Manhattan and also specialize in summer nanny placement in other top U.S. metro areas, including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Greenwich, Hamptons, Los Angeles, Miami, New York Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

If your family is looking to hire a qualified summer nanny staff member, consider working with the best summer staffing firm, Pavillion Agency Inc. You can get started right away by filling out our application online or by calling us at 212-889-6609.

For qualified candidates looking for a summer staff position, please visit our For Applicants section to see how you can join our team.

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