Nanny Homeschool Teacher

nanny homeschool teaching young childrenNanny homeschool teachers are a valuable resource when traditional schooling is not a good option or just to provide your children with the very best education possible. With homeschooling being a necessity more now than in the past, Pavillion Agency is proud to offer nanny homeschool teacher services to benefit you and your children.

Here are the basic things to know about homeschool nannies and why you may need one in your home.

Benefits of a Nanny Homeschool Teacher

Every child learns differently, and that’s what makes every child unique and special. Rather than settling for the one-size-fits-all approach of a traditional classroom, a nanny homeschool teacher can provide individualized education and one-on-one teachings. This is a great option for parents who prefer a customized education plan for their children, who travel frequently, or who have irregular work schedules.

The nanny homeschool teachers that are work with are experts in offering hands-on learning activities and guiding children towards unique opportunities that they would not have access to in other large-group learning environments. These professionals can provide basic childcare services, such as preparing meals and arranging play dates, in addition to creating structured lesson plans and overseeing homework.

Why Use Our Homeschool Teacher Service

We understand that you have many options for choosing a nanny homeschool teacher, but we’re confident that you will find the best candidates and have the best experience when you work with Pavillion. We are already the name you know and trust for nannies, and nanny homeschool teachers are a natural extension of this expertise.

We have been serving families like yours since 1962 and are the largest household staffing agency in the nation. This means that we have the experience it takes to perfectly pair families with nannies and also access to the very best childcare and education professionals in the industry.

Live-In Nanny Homeschool Teachers

While some nanny homeschool teachers have their own residences and commute to their clients’ homes every day, others live in a client’s home and are even more accessible and connected to the children they teach. Live-in nanny homeschool teacher duties include organizing lessons, teaching skills, assigning homework, and testing students. These teachers are experts in creating individual lesson plans based on a child’s skill level and the parents’ preferences.

To be qualified as a nanny homeschool teacher, a person should be a certified teacher with a degree in education. Many of these professionals have taught in traditional classrooms in the past, homeschooled their own children, and have unique approaches to education. As parents considering homeschool as an option for your children, ask potential teacher candidates about their educational background, approach to teaching, and professional references.

How a Nanny Homeschool Teacher Can Meet Your Needs

If having a trustworthy and caring professional in the house to homeschool your kids sounds like the best option for your family right now, Pavillion is here to help. We would be happy to conduct a search on your behalf for a homeschool nanny and introduce you to the most qualified candidates available. We have a detailed and thorough screening process that involves comprehensive background checks and interviews.

Hiring this type of nanny is a very personal decision and one that we will be happy to walk you through every step of the way. Nanny homeschool teachers are more in-demand now than ever, so we recommend starting your search ASAP so that you don’t miss out on the top candidates. Please contact us today to get started, or fill out our family application to tell us more about your needs.