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Private Chauffeur

A Private Chauffeur is responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of their principals, members of their family, and guests alike. In addition to the daily transportation, responsibilities will also include all aspects of the care of the vehicle(s), ranging from cleanliness and maintenance, keeping vehicles properly stocked, and ensuring the car insurances/registrations are up to date, as well as running errands as necessary, purchasing of vehicles, and the like.

Ideal candidates will fulfill all of the following qualifications:

  • Valid driver’s license with no outstanding points
  • Previous experience driving high profile individuals on a long-term basis
  • In depth knowledge regarding the maintenance of the client’s vehicle
  • In depth, geographic knowledge of the region they will be driving

Many candidates will also have the following qualifications, these are not always requirements:

  • Background in law enforcement
  • Permit to carry a weapon
  • Security training
  • Special training in tactical/defensive driving techniques

Private Chauffeurs have a keen sense of the needs of their principal. They have unmatched driving ability and traffic knowledge. They offer their employers the freedom to travel without having to worry about the vehicle or parking. A Private Chauffeur will always maintain full awareness of the surroundings paying extra careful attention to security and safety.

If your family or company is looking to hire a qualified Private Chauffeur, consider working with a Chauffeur agency like Pavillion Agency Inc. Get started by filling out our application.

For qualified candidates looking for a Chauffeur job, please visit our section For Applicants to see how you can join our team.

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