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Domestic Couples

Domestic Couples have a unique place in the world of Personal Service, providing all that is needed to run a fine home. Couples work together as a team to assure the smooth running of the household. Couples work in primary residences, secondary (vacation) residences or both. The needs of every home are different. Pavillion Agency has the knowledge and resources to match the needs of the home with the skills of the couple.

There are unique divisions of Domestic Couples:

Inside Couples, Outside Couples and Management Couples

They are defined by their responsibilities:

An Inside Couple’s duties include:

  • Knowledge of how to manage a formal home
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Family Laundry
  • Ironing (including the care of fine fabrics, linens, etc.)
  • Cooking (at levels ranging from family cooking to gourmet dinner parties)
  • Service at table and other butler responsibilities
  • Chauffeuring as needed
  • Vehicle maintenance (cleaning, scheduled servicing)
  • Maintenance of outside furniture and terraces
  • Care of crystal, china and silver
  • Dealing with repair personnel, vendors, building staff etc.

An Outside Couple’s duties vary from the Inside Couple’s with the addition of the following:

  • Gardening (mowing, trimming)
  • Knowledge of household repairs (plumbing electrical)
  • Painting and carpentry work
  • Window cleaning
  • Pool and tennis court maintenance

(Some outside couples do not have the knowledge of table service etc.)

Management Couples have the additional ability to:

  • Manage other staff
  • Plan and arrange formal dinner parties
  • Hire and supervise all outside vendors – repairs, maintenance, landscaping etc.
  • Have knowledge of “Smart Home” security systems

If your family is looking to hire a qualified Domestic Couple, consider working with a Domestic Couple agency like Pavillion Agency Inc. Get started by filling out our application.

For qualified candidates looking for a Domestic Couple job, please visit our section For Applicants to see how you can join our team.

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