The Importance of the COVID Vaccine for Childcare Workers

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The Importance of the COVID Vaccine for Childcare Workers


The COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting our lives and impacting our health and safety for far too long. But hope is finally here with the arrival of the COVID vaccine!


This vaccine offers hope of life getting back to normal and is especially important for certain population groups and industry employees.

10 Tips to Prepare for Baby Amidst COVID-19

Congratulations: you’re expecting!  Many expectant families find this to be one of the most wonderful times in their lives.   Having a baby provides a host of challenges for parents-to-be, but being pregnant during a global pandemic adds to the challenges. That’s why we’ve compiled ten tips to help you prepare for baby during the COVID-19 crisis.

A Nannies Story: Great Kindness Shown During Covid-19 Crisis

When Victoria called on Thursday evening she sounded distraught. She was compelled to continue working even though the father of her little charge had been diagnosed with Covid-19; the virus had just been categorized as a global pandemic and its unfamiliar nature filled her heart with fear.