Secure Home, Happy Family: Pre-Hire Security Protocols

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Secure Home, Happy Family: Pre-Hire Security Protocols

Ok, so you’ve made the decision that you need to hire professional help to keep your residence and family running smoothly.  This is precisely the moment that you should also begin thinking about security and safety protocols. You can think of this as the first out of three phases of maintaining security.

Interview Tips 2.0 – Nanny Interview Questions

Written by Jeffrey Gratton

When facing any interview, perhaps especially as a nanny, the way we feel when we answer nanny interview questions is more important than the answer itself.

Do we sometimes have bad days or pessimistic thoughts? Even our deepest feelings will influence the interview. 

Tips to Nailing that Interview

Written by Meriem Alahiane

So, you’re going on a job interview… are you ready?  Are you getting a little nervous?  Do you know what to expect?  Preparing properly will help ease the nerves and help to create a smooth and successful interview.  Simply remember the following and then just “do your best to ace the test”:

  • PREPARE yourself for the specific position you are interviewing:
    • -Know the job description (ask questions if it is not clear without bombarding the interviewer,