Tips to Nailing that Interview

Written by Meriem Alahiane

So, you’re going on a job interview… are you ready?  Are you getting a little nervous?  Do you know what to expect?  Preparing properly will help ease the nerves and help to create a smooth and successful interview.  Simply remember the following and then just “do your best to ace the test”:

  • PREPARE yourself for the specific position you are interviewing:
    • -Know the job description (ask questions if it is not clear without bombarding the interviewer, especially if it is a first preliminary meeting)
    • -Research the company or family where you are interviewing
    • -Make sure to dress appropriately for each interview (first impressions matter!)
    • -Bring a copy of your resume and reference letters
    • NEVER show up late. Plan ahead and double check transportation schedules for any unexpected delays.
    • MAKE eye contact and don’t gaze off or look disinterested.
    • Answer questions with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES.
    • DO NOT chew gum while interviewing. It looks unprofessional and may get in the way of clear pronunciation (and it is otherwise distracting to the interviewer).
    • BE YOURSELF and answer questions TRUTHFULLY. When interviewing, do not be a people pleaser by providing responses you think they want to hear.  Do not over or under sell yourself or you will find yourself looking for new, better fitting opportunities again soon.

Interview Advice from Pavillion

Being nervous is natural before an interview.  Just remember the above and you can relax knowing that you are prepared, capable, and a great candidate for the position.

Hopefully you will find these interview tips helpful and receive more call backs as a result.  If you do not get the position, just know there could be other reasons why and that it may not be a reflection of your interview performance.  Lastly, remember the old adage:  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

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