Hiring a Private Chauffeur vs. Ride Sharing

Written by Asma Alahiane and Alisha Perrigoue

Demand service technologies such as ride-sharing applications have been well-received but, not without some ambivalence. Safety is at the heart of the debate and criticism is not reserved for just one company. Consumers are often left to choose between safety and convenience. Instead, clients get the best of both worlds (and more!) when hiring a Private Family Chauffeur through a reputable and licensed search firm such as Pavillion Agency. After all, there is no choice to be made when considering the well-being and comfort of family and loved ones.

Highlighted below are just a few advantages of hiring a Private Chauffeur through Pavillion, whether you are looking for a Part-Time, Full-Time, Temporary, or Weekend Chauffeur.

Safety & Security – “Are you my driver?”

There is no doubt about the identity of your Chauffeur or their background when hiring through Pavillion Agency.  You know you are stepping into the right vehicle with the right person behind the wheel every time. News headlines well-document the safety concerns of using ride-sharing applications. While some companies state that they conduct background checks, there have been concerns over its lack of thoroughness and ability to authenticate identities. Pavillion Agency requires all Chauffeur applicants seeking to register with the agency to provide their work history, professional references, government issued IDs, and other documents used to verify identity. Furthermore, they must complete a thorough background check before accepting an offer of employment and beginning the position. Hiring a Private Chauffeur provides employers with the peace of mind knowing the person driving their family is both experienced and well-vetted.

Knowledge & Reliability – “Sorry, where is Water Street?”

We’ve all been there. With the swipe of a finger across the phone screen and your car is there. But, the minute you start heading downtown you quickly learn that your driver cannot navigate named streets, only the easy to follow numerical grid of uptown Manhattan. The ride no longer becomes convenient and quick, but stressful and slower than anticipated. Soon that initial excitement of getting to your meeting on time dissipates.

A Private Chauffeur should (for example) bring you to work in the financial district, out for dinner in Soho, and drop a client off at a private airport without direction. No need to risk tendinitis by swiping anymore screens, a Private Chauffeur is there waiting when you need them.

Convenience – “I don’t do that!”

I haven’t tried it yet, but can speculate as to the type of responses I would receive if I asked my ride-sharing based driver to pick-up my dry cleaning or walk the family dog because I’m stuck in meetings. This is just one of the major distinctions between a Driver and an Executive or Private Family Chauffeur. A Chauffeur offers more than transportation service. They are accustomed to running errands, stocking the vehicle with a family’s favorite amenities and daily newspapers, booking a restaurant, and perhaps walking a beloved pet.

Let our team at Pavillion Agency introduce you to your new Private Chauffeur today!

(Disclaimer: This is not to say that ride-sharing applications are without their merit or that there are not wonderful drivers working for their companies. We’ve used them our self! But, users should be well informed before stepping into the vehicle.)

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