Domestic Employment Jobs for Couples

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Domestic Employment Jobs for Couples

Have you ever dreamed of working with your spouse or partner in a job you could do together? There are domestic opportunities that are perfect for couples who are skilled at working side-by-side and have complementary talents. Pavillion Agency works with many domestic couples who know how to make a household run smoothly and efficiently.

10 Reasons Why Artists Make Great Domestic Workers

Being an artist is one of the most rewarding and inspiring life paths that a person can take. But during these challenging pandemic times, it’s also been very difficult for artists to make a living because of cancelled performances, festivals, and other cultural events.

Jobs for artists can be hard to come by right now,

Still in Demand: Domestic Couple Jobs Available

Pavillion has been the leader in the placement of domestic couples for over twenty-five years. Over the years, the availability of couple jobs has decreased but the nature of the work hasn’t and there are still many wonderful families who see the value in employing a professional team who can handle the many demands of a large property.