10 Reasons Why Artists Make Great Domestic Workers

Being an artist is one of the most rewarding and inspiring life paths that a person can take. But during these challenging pandemic times, it’s also been very difficult for artists to make a living because of cancelled performances, festivals, and other cultural events.

Jobs for artists can be hard to come by right now, but the good news is that the skills that artists possess also make them wonderful household staff members to hire for your home. Here are 10 reasons why artists have emerged as the best new domestic workers in the industry.

1. Time Management Skills

Artists, such as dancers and actors, must have time management skills to prepare themselves for big performances that are scheduled and other deadlines. This skill translates to household work for personal assistants, estate managers, and private chefs who must also meet deadlines to best serve their employers.

2. Great Communication Skills

Writers, storytellers, and other artists are skilled communicators who know how to express themselves and be receptive to an audience. Good communication is so important in a household employee-employer relationship too, especially for nannies and housekeepers, for example.

3. Ability to Take Criticism

Painters, filmmakers, and other artists are no strangers to criticism and regularly have to deal with harsh criticism in very public ways. This is a good skill for butlers and nannies to have so that they can adjust their work style to match employer expectations.

4. Design and Decorating Instincts

Artists who draw, sculpt, and create have an eye for the aesthetic and know the best ways to draw attention to your home’s best assets. This is good to know if you are thinking about hiring a housekeeper or a domestic couple to work in your home to help with interior design.

5. Commitment and Dedication

Artists are passionately committed to their crafts and dedicated to seeing projects through from start to finish. Domestic workers of all types can benefit from these qualities as they complete the household tasks specified by their employers with efficiency.

6. A Collaborative Mindset

Domestic assignments also make good jobs for artists because these professionals often have a collaborative mindset. This is important if you plan to have multiple staff members working in the home so that they can effectively work together for common benefit.

7. Experience with Technology

Many forms of art, such as film, graphic design, and theater production, require extensive experience with technological equipment. These skills can come in handy for your estate manager, personal assistant, or butler when you need to set up, adjust, or repair the various kinds of technology inside and outside your home.

8. Self-Motivation and Discipline

Being an artist often requires long hours of working alone without having a boss hover above to provide reminders about progress and deadlines. Many household staff member positions require this same skillset, such as a property caretaker, housekeeper, or personal chef.

9. Ability to Overcome Challenges

Artists are resilient and know how to take challenges and turn them into opportunities. This is the kind of domestic worker that you need during tough times so that you can get through your days without feeling alone and overwhelmed.

10. A Positive Outlook on Life 

Thanks to their creative and inspiring spirits, many artists have a positive outlook on life, which is something that we can all benefit from right now. When you hire an artist to fill your domestic staff position, you can draw upon his or her positivity and feel more joy in your days.

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