Still in Demand: Domestic Couple Jobs Available

Pavillion has been the leader in the placement of domestic couples for over twenty-five years. Over the years, the availability of couple jobs has decreased but the nature of the work hasn’t and there are still many wonderful families who see the value in employing a professional team who can handle the many demands of a large property.

Responsibility of Domestic Couples

As always, there are two main focuses of responsibilities – either all inside the home (housekeeping, laundry, fine cooking, butler service, chauffeuring, care of silver and crystal, knowledge of fine art) or outside the home (cleaning, family cooking, family laundry and ironing, landscaping, pool care, tennis courts, animal care, snow removal, minor repairs- electrical and plumbing- and painting.)

Contact Pavillion for Placement as a Domestic Couple

While many families are looking for couples with many years of experience, we at Pavillion are happy to try to help candidates with the requisite skills look for their first couple job.  Any team with experience in housekeeping, driving, serving, or outside work can be presented as a Domestic Couple and start a wonderful, highly rewarding, career. This flexibility to work with first time teams is due to the shortage of experienced couples while the need is still great. Interested in joining our domestic staffing agency, please fill out our candidate application today!

Today’s Trend’s in the Domestic Couples Industry

The most obvious change in the market for domestic couples has been the increase in salary and benefits.  There has been a recognition that experienced couples bring a level of skill and attention to the needs of the family that is, ultimately, priceless.  Truly professional Domestic Couples take great pride in creating an atmosphere in which the family can truly thrive – seamlessly managing the home and making it shine!

The opportunity to be of service to a warm and welcoming family is what all Domestic Couples strive for.  If you are looking to hire or be hired as a Domestic Couple, our experienced staff can help.  Please contact a Placement Specialist today!

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