Spring Activities for Nannies and Children in New York City

While New York City is one of the world’s top destinations for children and adults alike, there are very real reasons why locals tend to avoid many crowd-pleasing attractions. Almost without exception, tourist attractions are a recipe for getting trapped in lines, crowds, and rules and regulations that may oppose children’s needs for relaxation, immediate comfort, fresh air, peace & calm, and especially bathrooms.

Instead of commercial events and museums, why not develop an intimate knowledge of your area’s best parks instead?

Pavillion Agency’s Favorite Parks to Take Children

New York City parks are among the best and they offer a reasonable balance of stimulation and relaxation, social influences and quiet … and most importantly, the fresh air and natural light so terribly lacking in contemporary life. Making proper preparation for the park visit will enhance any visit, and finding an open lawn is a recipe for a wide variety of diversions: from games, sports, picnics, naps, reading and more. The gifts of the lawn are limited only by your imagination. Some lawns offer areas of shade when the Fahrenheit rises.

The parks along the Hudson from Battery Park up thru Chelsea are extremely beautiful and practical. They then start up again at about 59th street, eventually blending into Riverside Park. Here the lawns are generally beautifully maintained, there tend to be decent, safe restrooms, there is often a nice breeze when the rest of the city is sultry, there are boats and marine activity to behold, there are plenty of nature-made and man-made shade areas, and there are even a few areas where refreshments can be purchased. These parks are worth the trip.

Plan Your Trip to the Park Ahead of Time

But the key to success is know your park before you bring the kids. You should be the guide and know where you’re headed in advance. Each of the parks have websites with details on events and cool happenings going on that can be educational and exciting for you and the children with which to be involved.

With kids, things aren’t fun when you don’t have a plan. And don’t forget, current science increasingly recognizes two essential need for children that are fulfilled in the park:

To be out in the daylight AND … get this … exposure to real dirt which helps us develop our immune systems.

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