A Nannies Story: Great Kindness Shown During Covid-19 Crisis

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A Nannies Story: Great Kindness Shown During Covid-19 Crisis

When Victoria called on Thursday evening she sounded distraught. She was compelled to continue working even though the father of her little charge had been diagnosed with Covid-19; the virus had just been categorized as a global pandemic and its unfamiliar nature filled her heart with fear.

An Update from the Owners, Keith & Clifford Greenhouse

As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, we wanted to personally connect with you, our valued community, to check in and keep you updated. We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and finding comfort where you can. You may already be in correspondence with us – whether hiring or searching for a job.

Secure Home, Happy Family: Pre-Hire Security Protocols

Ok, so you’ve made the decision that you need to hire professional help to keep your residence and family running smoothly.  This is precisely the moment that you should also begin thinking about security and safety protocols. You can think of this as the first out of three phases of maintaining security.

Spring Activities for Nannies and Children in New York City

While New York City is one of the world’s top destinations for children and adults alike, there are very real reasons why locals tend to avoid many crowd-pleasing attractions. Almost without exception, tourist attractions are a recipe for getting trapped in lines, crowds, and rules and regulations that may oppose children’s needs for relaxation,

Governess or Nanny: What’s the Difference & Which is Best for Your Children?

Caring for children is a full-time job, and certainly no easy task. Busy families that put in long hours at work and have other outside responsibilities can greatly benefit from in-home childcare services. There are two primary types of child caregivers employed in modern homes today: the governess and the nanny.

Perfect Job? Maybe Not But…Life Lessons from Pavillion on Finding the Best Job and Being the Best Employee

As Experts in Domestic Staffing, We Know the Importance of the “Right” Position:

At Pavillion Agency not only do we place our people in households but we make a concerted effort to help our staff keep their jobs. If a position isn’t quite working out, we can help you establish what the real problem is.

Is It Advisable to Keep The Babynurse You Love as The Nanny as Well?

There are several types of childcare options available for Parents these days. Whether you are a soon-to-be parent, a new parent or an existing parent, we hope you will find this information beneficial and helpful the next time you evaluate your childcare needs. In this post, we are going to explore Nanny and Babynurse (Newborn Care Specialists) solutions.

A Lifetime of Experience – Rosalie Aguilar

“I have the best private staff ever!”

Ever wonder why your domestic staff are masters of their craft? We are not just talking about how dedicated and hardworking they are. We sometimes ask, where did they learn their extensive skills? Why are they so good at what they do?

Who Needs a New Year’s Resolution?

As the weather begins to cool, one is reminded (willing or unwillingly) of the upcoming holidays. And, popular websites such as Pinterest remind us that it is not only time to start thinking about holiday shopping but New Year’s Resolutions. So, what is, according to the latest Nielsen Report, the top two resolutions this year?

Household Staffing For Your Holiday Hustle!

As the holidays quickly approach, so does the hustle and bustle of entertaining (and being entertained). If you require experienced household staffing such as a polished Holiday Butler, a Private Chef for your parties, or a safe ride all season long with a knowledgeable Private Chauffeur, Pavillion Agency can help.