7 Qualities Every Great Personal Assistant Should Have

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7 Qualities Every Great Personal Assistant Should Have

Finding and placing quality personal assistants is one of Pavillion Agency’s staffing specialties. A personal assistant is someone who helps an employer manage various details of his or her business or personal life. How does one go about becoming a standout NYC Personal Assistant? Here are some of the most important qualities that employers and a personal assistant agency will look for in potential applicants:

Proactive approach: Employers don’t want to hold their assistant’s hand.

Is the Fair Chance Act Really Fair?


A New York City law called the “Fair Chance Act” says employers cannot ask about your criminal record until after offering you a job. The new law went into effect on October 27, 2015

Private Chauffeur for Halloween in NYC

While Halloween is a joyous time in the city where countless families take to the street in celebration, there are, without a doubt inherent issues of public safety to consider.  As a resident of the Upper East Side, I have seen (with much success) many of my neighbors hire additional individuals to help put their family’s security matters at ease.

Hiring the Perfect Personal Assistant

How often have you wanted to throw your hands up in the air saying “what do I do first!”. That is the time to consider hiring a Personal Assistant.

There are several key areas of expertise to keep in mind:

  • What are your most urgent needs –
    • organizational skills,

The New York Caliber Employee

Though Pavillion Agency is a household/residential staffing firm headquartered in New York City, we often receive requests from clients outside of the New York Metro area asking for assistance with the hiring process. Clients, both domestic and international, frequently will specify their desire for “New York quality help.” From this statement,