Our Team

Our Team

Take a moment to get to know our staff of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of staffing and advisory services in the nation. Along with our superb and talented support staff, the Pavillion team works tirelessly to identify and introduce the finest household professionals in the country.

Meet Our Support Staff

The backbone of Pavillion Agency is our dedicated and professional support staff: Stacy Morris, Chief Executive Administrator, Alisha Perrigoue, Executive Assistant, Cara Cornyn, Executive Assistant, Jane Wanapun, Operations Administrator, Annie Chen, Administrative Assistant, Meriem Alahiane, Administrative Assistant, Ted Rowlands, Administrative Assistant, Joraida Salvant, Administrative Assistant, Malinda Sok, Receptionist/Client/Applicant Coordinator. Our support team is made up of highly skilled members with unique and diverse backgrounds. They are always courteous and professional, clearly contributing to the fine reputation and following that Pavillion proudly maintains.

Stacy Morris, Chief Executive Administrator

Stacy Morris Chief Executive Administrator

Alisha Perrigoue, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Alisha Perrigoue Executive Assistant to the CEO

Cara Cornyn, Executive Assistant

Cara Cornyn Executive Assistant

Jane Wanapun, Operations Administrator

Jane Wanapun Operations Administrator

Annie Chen, Administrative Assistant

Annie Chen Administrative Assistant

Meriem Alahiane, Administrative Assistant

Meriem AlahianeAdministrative Assistant

Joraida Salvant, Executive Assistant to the President

Joraida Salvant Executive Assistant to the President

Ted Rowlands, Administrative Assistant,

Ted Rowlands Administrative Assistant

Malinda Sok, Receptionist/Client/Applicant Coordinator

Malinda Sok Receptionist/Client/Applicant Coordinator