Clifford Greenhouse

Clifford Greenhouse


Although Clifford joined Pavillion Agency in 1982, his experience in the field of personal service dates back to the mid 1970′s, spending most of his free time and school vacations learning about and working in his family business (Pavillion Agency). After attending SUNY, Plattsburg he realized that his true desire was to play an integral role in the growth and day to day operations of Pavillion Agency.

From the moment he joined the firm, he was instrumental in implementing new methods and ideas which in turn revolutionized the entire personal service industry. In the mid 1980′s with the tremendous increase in dual income families, Cliff began to carve his niche. He instituted a nanny placement program designed to match well educated and experienced professional nannies with the finest families in the nation.

Cliff responds to the needs and lifestyles of prominent executives, politicians, celebrities and the general requirements of a formal home by carefully screening and presenting only those nannies who measure up to his clients specific requirements. Due to his fine reputation, honesty and diligence, his clients respond with thousands of recommendations helping to establish Pavillion Agency as the nation’s #1 Nanny Search Firm!!! The media knows who to call upon when in need of expertise and guidance relating to the nanny profession, relying on Cliff Greenhouse. For many years he has been nationally recognized as “The Nanny Authority”.

A native New Yorker and always a New Yorker at heart, Cliff enjoys an all American family lifestyle with a wonderful wife and three beautiful children.

Cliff is a family man who uses his traditional family values together with his sensitivity to the needs of his clients to provide a level of service and professionalism which has followed the standards set by the nation’s most influential families. This only comes with a lifetime of devotion to serving the needs of his patrons.