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Phone : 212.889.6609
Keith Greenhouse, Chief Executive Officer

Keith Greenhouse
Chief Executive Officer
Ext 3007

Clifford Greenhouse, President

Cliff Greenhouse
Ext 3014

Seth Norman Greenberg, Vice President, Marketing Director

Seth Norman Greenberg
Vice President & Marketing Director
Ext 3002

Ira Weissman, Vice Presidentr

Ira Weissman
Vice President
Ext 3003

Jack Greenhouse

Jack Greenhouse
Placement Specialist
Ext 3016

Sophia Greenhouse

Sophia Greenhouse
Chief Strategist
Ext 3027

Holly Rucki, Director of Quality Control

Holly Rucki
Director of Quality Control
Ext 3010

Tina Gelashvili, Senior Placement Specialist

Tina Gelashvili
Placement Specialist
Ext 3004

Jeffrey Gratton, Placement Specialist

Jeffrey Gratton
Placement Specialist
Ext 3040

Stacy Morris, Chief Executive Administrator

Stacy Morris
Chief Executive Administrator
Ext 3009

Alisha Perrigoue, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Alisha Perrigoue
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Ext 3007

Patrick Noyes, Administrative Assistant to Seth Norman Greenberg

Patrick Noyes
Admin Assistant to Seth Norman Greenberg
Ext 3021

Asma Alahiane, Executive Assistant

Asma Alahiane
Executive Assistant
Ext 3020

Rosalie Aguilar, Placement Specialist

Rosalie Aguilar
Placement Specialist
Ext 3017

Norma Oropeza, Placement Specialist

Norma Oropeza
Placement Specialist
Ext 3008

Jane Wanapun, Operations Administrator

Jane Wanapun
Operations Administrator
Ext 3026

Meriem Alahiane, Administrative Assistant

Meriem Alahiane
Admin Assistant
Ext 3036

Annie Chen, Administrative Assistant

Annie Chen
Admin Assistant

Tara Mahase, Administrative Assistant

Tara Mahase
Administrative Assistant
Ext 3011

Heather Greenhouse, Receptionist/Client/Applicant Coordinator

Heather Greenhouse
Receptionist/Client/Applicant Coordinator
Ext 3001

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15 East 40th Street, Suite 400
New York, NY 10016

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