Seth Norman Greenberg

Seth Norman Greenberg

Vice President, Marketing Director

During his 27 year career in the field of search and placement, Seth has had the opportunity to be actively involved in all facets of the Household Staffing profession. From the moment he joined the family business, there was no doubt that Seth would play an active role in shaping Pavillion’s future as the company positioned itself for its fifth decade as the Leader in the Field of Personal Service.

Seth places nannies, couples, housekeepers, personal assistants, and babynurses. His ability to understand his clients’ needs and effectively match applicants’ talents and qualifications with those needs allow him to create lasting and positive relationships. Born and raised in Suburban Philadelphia and a Manhattan Resident for over 20 years Seth has a unique understanding of the needs of fine households in both Town and Country.

Some of his recent accomplishments include a key role in the design and development of this web site. Seth has also been instrumental in the implementation of our criminal and driver’s license background checking program, now performed on all applicants placed. Among Seth’s most important accomplishments is the creation of Pavillion’s highly successful “Babynurse” division providing temporary post-partum care for families and their newborns.

Seth is often called upon as a source by the media as a household staffing specialist and has been featured across many outlets in print, television and online.