Who Needs a New Year’s Resolution?

As the weather begins to cool, one is reminded (willing or unwillingly) of the upcoming holidays. And, popular websites such as Pinterest remind us that it is not only time to start thinking about holiday shopping but New Year’s Resolutions. So, what is, according to the latest Nielsen Report, the top two resolutions this year? Hint: The answers are related. Answer: To stay healthy and to lose weight.

However, at Pavillion Agency, one of the leading private staffing agencies in New York, we have observed an overall and sustained (not merely an annual fleeting) interest in eating healthy not just from individuals, but families with children. Our Private Chefs too have witnessed a welcoming lean in the direction of not just healthy eating, but environmentally and socially conscious eating. “There certainly has been a trend,” explains one of our seasoned Private Chef applicants, “toward healthy, organic, local, and seasonal eating. Using small-batch, farm-based produce and meats have become common practice not just in restaurants such as Blue Hill Farm, but also in private residences.” He continued to describe the popularity of leaner meats such as venison and guinea hen as well as the prevalence of nut and tofu purees which act as a healthy (and delicious) alternative to cream based sauces. “Yuba”, he enthusiastically adds, “when properly cured, pressed, layered, and prepared [a technique he picked up while working in the kitchen of a renowned Michelin-starred Chicago based restaurant] provides an incredible texture and flavor, not to mention approximately 5 grams of protein per ounce.”

But, learning about and performing these healthy and conscious eating habits takes lots of time, planning, and effort. As one of the best private staffing agencies in NYC with the most talented and knowledgeable Private/Personal Chef applicants, we make it easy! For those with little ones with picking or developing palates, a Private Chef helps ensure optimal nutrition while making mealtime fun. Let our Private Chefs handle all of your culinary needs from start to finish. They not only have the knowledge of the best places to provision groceries but also the relationships necessary to get choice ingredients for your home. They carefully plan menus that fit each individual member of the family, understanding that not everyone will have the same culinary or nutritional needs. The Chefs handle the tedious kitchen clean-up making the experience worthwhile and stress-free. Not having to plan, buy, or prepare meals means you have more time to do the things that matter to you most – – not just during the holiday season, but throughout the entire year.

To learn more about how to keep your family healthy or about the Private Chef Candidate quoted in this article, contact a Pavillion Agency placement specialist today at (212) 889-6609!

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