Manage Your Time by Having A Private Chef Manage Your Meals

Written by Asma Alahiane & Alisha Perrigoue

Weekdays are wrought with busy scheduling from school drop-offs to business meetings to grocery shopping; it is hard to fit in even a 30 minute workout.  We all have good intentions to be as productive as possible, but “there are not enough hours in the day”!  I am reminded of this daily.   We are all faced with working long hours and trying to fit in life’s daily errands in between.  We hardly have the opportunity to sit down for a proper meal, let alone shop, prep, and prepare it. (The clean-up can wait until the morning, right?)  How often do we wish for a magic kitchen fairy to appear to alleviate one of the most time consuming tasks on your to-do list.  Hiring a Private Chef through Pavillion Agency can be the answer to your magic kitchen fairy needs.

Don’t need a Full-Time Chef?  That’s ok; we have a large roster of Private Chefs with a variety of availabilities in order to accommodate your individual culinary needs and schedule:

Types of Private Chefs

  • Full-time Chef: Prepares meals 5 days per week. They will plan menus, provision, prep, execute, and clean-up after meals. They may also cook for private parties and other forms of entertaining and travel to other residences as needed. It is not uncommon for Full-Time Private Chefs to work ‘summer seasons’ at an employer’s secondary residence.
  • Part-Time Chef: Some families and individuals simply do not have the need for full-time Chef (e.g. children are grown and out of the house). In these cases, a Part-Time Chef might make the most sense.  A Part-Time Chef will handle many of the same responsibilities as a Full-Time Chef but do so just a few days per week and as infrequent as 1-Day per week.  A Part-Time Chef might also prepare and pack extra meals to be eaten on the days they are not in residence.
  • Private Summer Chef: Summers are yet another busy time of year for families and individuals and go by all too quickly. With frequent guests (some delightfully unexpected) and entertaining, it is easy to feel more like a part-time caterer than a (…insert your profession here).  This is why so many turn to experienced domestic staffing agencies such as Pavillion to assist in securing reliable seasonal staff such as Summer Chefs.  Enjoy the weather with your friends and family and leave the cooking to one of our private culinary professionals.
  • Drop-Off Chef Services: A client may request for a Chef to prepare meals off site and then drop them off at, for example, their corporate office, private plane for travel, or residence to eat for the week ahead. Clients can spend more time at their desk then in a lunch line waiting for the same mediocre lunch.  A gourmet Drop-Off Chef Service provides variety and excitement to other repetitive and unsatisfying lunch options.  With a trend in the direction of more health conscious eating, many of our clients are turning towards this tailored lunch (or dinner) option.

A Private Chef, whether full-time, part-time or dropping off fully prepared meals, can help maximize limited time.  Get more hours of your day back, call Pavillion to find your next Private Chef.

Household Staffing with Pavillion

If you are considering hiring a private chef, please call one of our placement specialists today. You can get started now by filling our application here.

For qualified Chef Candidates looking for private chef positions (full-time or part-time) please visit our applicants section to register with Pavillion Agency.

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