Perfect Job? Maybe Not But…Life Lessons from Pavillion on Finding the Best Job and Being the Best Employee

As Experts in Domestic Staffing, We Know the Importance of the “Right” Position:

At Pavillion Agency not only do we place our people in households but we make a concerted effort to help our staff keep their jobs. If a position isn’t quite working out, we can help you establish what the real problem is. Our expertise as a household employee agency, enables us to help you find that outside perspective that can lead you to a clear conclusion. This is extremely important because you never want to solve a small problem by creating a bigger issue for your or the family you have been staffed by.

Recently I was contacted by a nanny who felt stressed in her position with her current family. The employer, a single mom, had a full-time job and was putting a lot of pressure on our nanny who was generally dealing with it quite well. But occasionally she was feeling rejection and wanted my help to try to find a different placement.

This is not an uncommon occurrence in this industry. When a situation like this does arise I always make a point to ask my staff this question:

Can I be so sure that I wouldn’t be equally difficult – or worse – if I were in the same shoes as the mother? How do I know I wouldn’t act worse?

We are all so quick to react and to judge another … but when we do … and we always do … we are saying that we are superior to the other person.

When Faced With an Obstacle, Your Mentality Can Make a Big Difference

The years I have served in this industry have taught me plenty, and so I want to leave all employees currently staffed or those pursuing a career as a household staff member with some insight into making the most of their placement and their day-to-day:

  • Life is my school; my job is my school. If I remember this, I can try to make any situation into a learning experience.
  • If I am teachable, I will use a stressful job to teach me about myself. Most of us tend to blame somebody else but this is a recipe for failure: we will never succeed by focusing on changing
  • The only person I can change is me. I have the right – and the ability – to drop my ‘victim mentality’.
  • Employers have an excellent sense of ‘smell’ … If I left a job as a victim, they invariably smell it. Smart employers don’t hire victims.

So use everything as a learning experience – even the bad stuff – and success will find you in remarkable, unexpected ways. Guaranteed.

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