Is It Advisable to Keep The Babynurse You Love as The Nanny as Well?

There are several types of childcare options available for Parents these days. Whether you are a soon-to-be parent, a new parent or an existing parent, we hope you will find this information beneficial and helpful the next time you evaluate your childcare needs. In this post, we are going to explore Nanny and Babynurse (Newborn Care Specialists) solutions.

What Is The Job Description of a Nanny?

A Nanny is responsible for looking after a child or children at their employer’s residence. Some Nannies take direction exclusively from the parents. Others work as partners with the parents and some nannies are completely responsible for all aspects of the child/children.

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The most important aspect when deciding your childcare solution is to first identify the roles and responsibilities you expect from your nanny. Once you understand your needs, developing a strategy to help you focus your energy and your attention on attracting the right type of nanny with the skill sets that compliment your needs becomes easier. A plan also helps to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong type of nanny for your family. Chemistry with the family, other staff members, and service providers is also an important aspect of a successful nanny-family relationship and I recommend setting up a few trial days to ensure that both the skill set as well as chemistry is a good fit.

How Long Will A Nanny Stay With Our Family?


Nanny agreements usually require a minimum of one year. In most cases, it is with the understanding that if everyone’s needs are the same they will continue the relationship for years to come. As long as the family and nanny communicate effectively amongst each other, and are both happy, I see many long-term nanny relationships survive long after the children really need a “Nanny.” Sometimes Nannies evolve into becoming more of a house manager/personal assistant. After all, having a valued and trusted long-term employee makes sense to keep around.

What is the Job Description of a Babynurse (Newborn Care Specialist)?

A Babynurse is a newborn specialist typically engaged on a temporary basis

A Babynurse is a newborn specialist typically engaged on a temporary basis, (usually three to six months) to assist with the baby and help prepare Mom and Dad (and Family) to the family’s new or additional baby. Most babynurses are experienced with lactation and can provide useful tips to assist mom with breast and bottle feeding. Babynurses can work a day schedule, a night schedule and a full-time schedule (22 hours per day). Like a nanny, having an idea of what your goal is with the babynurse will ensure that you are interviewing and eventually hiring the right candidate. Do you need an extra pair of experienced hands around? Would you like to get the baby on a sleep schedule (Minimum of four months)? I can share that many soon-to-be first time parents have a plan in their minds and often times change after the baby arrives. I can also report that over 90 percent of babynurse employer’s that we assist end up keeping their babynurse much longer than they originally signed up for.

Can I just Keep My Babynurse As My Nanny?


After enjoying all of the benefits of having a Babynurse one of which is having one person focused exclusively on the baby, some families find it a challenge to even think about replacing their babynurse with a nanny. Generally, it is very rare to find a nanny that has the newborn post-partum experience that can offer the flexibility with hours similar as a babynurse. There are some. Many families ask their babynurse to stay on until they have another child or simply to stay with their original charge for years. The longevity of a babynurse usually depends upon the individual babynurse and the need of the family. Most babynurses have experience working as a nanny; however, after time, some have realized that infants are their passion and assisting new moms is their new focus. At Pavilion, we are experts in the private hiring of babynurses and baby nannies and can help you decide which is the best option for your family. You can browse our candidates to learn more about nannies’ past experience and how they may be able to help your children too.

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