Interview Tips 2.0 – Nanny Interview Questions

Written by Jeffrey Gratton

When facing any interview, perhaps especially as a nanny, the way we feel when we answer nanny interview questions is more important than the answer itself.

Do we sometimes have bad days or pessimistic thoughts? Even our deepest feelings will influence the interview.  We can’t hide!

All of us have mixed experiences and have made mistakes. But this can be a good thing.  Your experience is important; your mistakes are valuable!   They are just as valuable as your skills, successes, education, looks, and talent.

Facing Nanny Interview Questions Head-on

So, when facing nanny interview questions, remember:

  • how we feel about our former employers
  • how we feel about our mistakes (and who hasn’t made mistakes?)
  • how we feel about needing a new job

All these feelings figure into what our future employer sees, feels, and senses when we are in an  interview.

Never forget … it’s how you feel when you answer nanny interview questions that matters most. So before you’re heading into a nanny (or any type of) interview reason out in your mind the most difficult nanny interview questions you can think of.  Find a way to reconcile with each answer, no matter how embarrassing the truth might be.

Start studying your life: you will grow to see more and more value in all you have been through, the good and the bad.  You will then find it easier to respond to any nanny interview question, no matter how difficult.

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