How A Laundress Can Stop You From Always Going to the Dry Cleaners – Rosalie Aguilar

Being a Laundress is particularly gratifying to those who have a special affinity for clothing and its care. A professional laundress has thorough knowledge in caring for different types of fabrics, and best way of washing and pressing them, aside from making sure your home always has fresh towels and linens. With years of experience and experimentation in creating solutions that remove the toughest stains and the best way to produce wrinkle-free garments, they have also mastered to do minor alterations and mending.

Laundresses Are Often Skilled Sewers

Surprise, a professional laundress, is also skilled in sewing! Sewing is the oldest of the textile arts. Whether it is done by hand or by machine, it involves a lot of care and patience, as well as coordination. Any type of needlework is time-consuming. Half of the battle is choosing the right needle and thread to use, depending on the type and color of the garment that needs work. Even though technology can be adapted to share knowledge (DIY) and has been helpful to do so, someone’s culture of traditional sewing methods and passion for the art cannot be dismissed. Whether it is taking in or letting out a few inches off your pants (not off your waistline!), hemming, replacing hooks, buttons, and zippers, patching and stitching ripped clothing, or even replacing or adding some beads and gems to your gowns, you can expect a job well done. If you get lucky, they can also create their own patterns for throw blankets and pillows that match your drapes.

Have Your Laundress Iron and Press All Items in House

The art of Ironing/Pressing. How many times have you worn your shirt and disapprovingly shook your head in dismay when you looked in the mirror. To think that you paid top dollar to an organic, eco-friendly, allergy and gluten free laundry service, in hopes of wearing a wrinkle free shirt today to impress a girl or a boy, or your boss (potentially), or a client (potentially) that can seal a million-dollar deal (not necessarily in that order). A professional private laundress can make this happen for you! There is science behind all of this. Ironing works by loosening the bonds between the long-chain polymer molecules in the fibers of the material. While the molecules are hot, the fibers are straightened by the weight of the iron, and they hold their new shape as they cool. Some fabrics, such as cotton, require the addition of water to loosen the intermolecular bonds. In short, not everyone has the knowledge and passion for this type of work. You may have the best schools and trainers, but this knowledge most of the time was handed down from generation to generation, where new discoveries are made on how to better the craft.

Contact Our Expert Placement Specialists to Hire a Laundress

A professional agency, like Pavillion, can make sure that you are not only hiring the top-notch laundress in the field but also someone who has the passion to serve and takes pride in the knowledge they have acquired through generations. A real craft built out of both necessity and love. Contact us today if you are interested in inquiring further about how a laundress can eliminate laundering clothes from your errand list!

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