The Right Approach When Housekeepers Accidentally Cause Damage – Rosalie Aguilar

Unfortunately, accidents happen. What is important is how the individual approaches the accident. A true professional housekeeper is trustworthy and regardless of how distressing the situation is, will always be honest and transparent. Taking responsibility and being accountable is a key strength and will foster trust in the relationship between employer and employee.

Taking Responsibility for Accidents

Just the thought of someone breaking a valuable piece is stomach-churning and something you pray never happens to anyone. Incidents do happen unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage (or injury). Should this happen in an employer’s home, a professional housekeeper will report the incident right away with the hope that the ruined piece is covered by insurance and can still be saved.

There May Be a Way to Restore the Item

Priceless pieces like antiques, decorations, ornaments and fixtures are preserved a certain way. Whether they are museum pieces or just simply an heirloom, there are places that specializes in repairing and or restoring them in their almost original state. Unless, of course, the piece was shattered or melted into a totally unrecognizable and unrepairable state. No need to consult a curator from a museum. Simply research on these places, and the problem can be addressed immediately.

No one should lose a job or spend the rest of their lives working to pay for it. As the phrase goes, “You break it, you buy it,” but should you have to?

Contact Pavillion Agency for Assistance

At Pavillion our team of experts is happy to assist both families and housekeepers navigate the potentially uncomfortable situations. Our goal is to always ensure both parties retain the trust and respect they had for each other through these accidents. For more information contact Pavillion today and see how we can help you.

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