Is There a Difference Between an EA and PA? – Norma Oropeza

Pavillion Agency has been the Leader in the field of Personal Service since 1962, so it should come as no surprise that we also staff Personal Assistants and consecutively, Executive Assistants. Despite EAs and PAs having completely different functions, they have one thing in common – to ensure the smooth running of their employer’s personal life or business.

What is a Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant will work for an individual and make sure their “behind-the-scenes” duties and tasks are executed seamlessly, allowing for the principal’s lives to run smoothly and as planned. Typical duties of a PA include travel arrangements, calendar management, organizing closets, assuring that all appointments are kept, and making sure that the principal’s spouse receives floral arrangements on their wedding anniversary. A personal assistant will most likely work from the principal’s home, remotely from their own home or both.

Families quickly became impressed with the support Pavillion Agency provided and spread the word to friends, colleagues, and others. This led to families contacting our agency to find similar support for their companies. Pavillion Agency soon had to expand from only placing household staff to sourcing staff within our clients’ businesses as well.

What is an Executive Assistant

Rather than focusing on the individual, Executive Assistants assist with alleviating the day-to-day tasks of their employer’s business. EAs normally report to the CEO of an organization and typically oversee projects going on within the company all the while providing a supportive role to the CEO or other officers of the organization.

PAs and EAs are normally required to have completed a bachelor’s degree. Qualifications for both roles typically include a minimum of 3-5 years of long-term experience in a similar position, experience with heavy calendar management, and excellent communication skills.

Contact Pavillion to Fill Your Assistant Role

Each organization and family is unique and Pavillion Agency is no stranger to catering to specifics and modifying all searches to find exactly what our clients need whether it be personal, executive or administrative.


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