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It is hard to ignore that in this age of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, social media not just helps us stay connected, but also defines every aspect of our daily existence. We feel compelled to put our innermost thoughts on our social media page, post pictures that we would not have shown even to our closest friends before or engage in arguments with complete strangers for everyone to view. Given this radical shift in privacy, it is imperative that we understand that the choices we make on social media can affect our professional lives, particularly if one is a professional childcare provider.

How Social Media has Changed Our Daily Lives

Our society’s core values have never been more relaxed. It is clearly reflected in our daily lives, and nannies are no exception. Social media is used as the means of self-advertisement, often leaving nothing to the imagination. Of course, the freedom of speech allows us to openly express our thoughts and desires, post any photo we please, and stay true to our beliefs. However, one might ask, where do we draw the line at self-exposure?

Posting on Social Media as a Nanny

Can a nanny post racy pictures of herself on Instagram and not expect a backlash from her employer? On the other hand, can a family who views these photos decide against hiring her?

There have been numerous cases of families having rescinded their offers after viewing nannies’ social media page because the language and photos they have encountered did not correspond to their ideal of a mentor and a role model of their children. They claimed that nothing was more important than to know that the person they were entrusted with the care of their children was trustworthy, reliable and exercised good judgment at all times. The latter aspect, therefore, became under an intense scrutiny because of what they saw on social media sites. As a result, in today’s day and age, parents are extremely diligent about vetting their prospective hires, which includes viewing social media sites.

Always be Mindful When You Post

It has been often said that a profession is like a footprint strongly embedded in one’s identity. Most of us strongly identify with this idea. As one of my nannies told me, nothing gives a person more pride in oneself than having a job and being respected by your employer.

At Pavillion We Are Hiring Specialists

Our specialists understand the inevitability that comes with social media and daily life. We also understand the importance of effectively monitoring and managing social media as both parents looking for new hires and as nannies caring for children. We want to help both parties better walk this line and if you have any lingering questions please contact Pavillion Agency for more guidance!

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