Bilingual Domestic Staff in New York City – By: Tina Gelashvili

Child Thinking Hello In Multiple Languages

By: Tina Gelashvili

I am sure most of you will agree that being a New Yorker is a very special treat indeed.  With the emergence of other megalopolises all over the world, New York City still remains the capital of the world, a melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions; a very unique and rather unforgettable place where hundreds of different languages are spoken daily and cultures and traditions interlace and collide endlessly.

The individuals who apply with us for employment are part of that colorful world and it is not surprising that each and every one of them is exceptional in their own way.  Being a linguist with special appreciation for languages, my fascination is often manifested at their ability to speak multiple languages.

The Growing Demand Bilingual Child Care

The families we represent, also feel rather strongly about the candidates’ ability to communicate fluently in another language. Nannies who spend as many as 10-12 hours a day with children can easily act as tutors, promoting children’s bilingual development and fostering their language skills.  E.g. candidate’s ability to speak Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, German or Mandarin fluently, can be a great advantage and can significantly improve his or her chance to find employment.

With rapid globalization and expansion of digital age, languages have become an integral part of our daily existence. Today’s parents are eager to encourage their children’s social and cultural development by enrolling them in Spanish and Chinese immersion schools or Lycée Français, while also hiring the nannies who can continue educating children by practicing the language at home.  More and more families insist on being introduced to the nannies who are not only able to provide loving and nurturing care to their children, but who could also enrich the children’s lives by teaching them about other cultures, and a second language.

It has been often said that to learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world. It could not be truer about the individuals whose tireless efforts keep the windows of the world wide open.

Begin Your Search For Bilingual Domestic Staff Today

As an experienced placement agency and domestic staffing consulting service, Pavillion Agency can assist you in your search and offers connections to many experienced and well-educated multilingual staff members. If you are interested in hiring a bilingual child care specialist, please call one of our Placement Specialists to initiate a search.

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