Stand Above the Rest in Your Upcoming Nanny Interview – By: Jessica McWeeney

Preparing yourself for a nanny interview is a lot like preparing for any other job. You need to speak about your skillsets, expertise and passion for your chosen career. When interviewing for a position you want to stand out from other nannies. A nanny binder is one way to do just so. It’s your binder than visually represents you. It’s an easy and creative way to showcase your experience and speaks volumes on your organization skills. All you will need is a binder, page dividers, spiral notebook and a 3-hole punch calendar.

Here are seven helpful things to include in your nanny binder

1. Your Resume:

Your resume should include a summary of your experience, personal highlights, work history, ages of children you cared for, any course work, certifications or credentials you may have. Show the families the vast knowledge and experience you have with children. Make sure to be specific with each position listed, include your responsibilities and duties for each job as well as the age of the children you cared for.

 2. Accomplishments, Certificates, Certifications and Background Check

List all of your accomplishments with children, sleep training, teaching kids to swim, potty training, easing separation anxiety etc.  Also include copies of you college degrees/awards and any certifications you hold, CPR, First Aid, Water Safety etc. If you have a background check, include it as well. Showcase your credentials to prove to the prospective families you possess the knowledge and skills that allow you to thrive with childcare.

 3. Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation from a former employer is an important part of your Nanny Binder. Nothing makes a parent feel more at ease than reading a letter speaking about your positive traits, performance and type of care you will provided their children.

 4. Include an Emergency Contact Sheet.

In an event of an emergency, knowing important contact numbers and locations such as the children’s pediatrician, closest hospital, parent’s work office number, a neighbor or family member who can help if you need assistance etc. This sheet is a proactive way to show you are responsible and their children will be safe under your care.

5. Photos, Projects, Recipes and Fun Places to Visit

Give your binder some color! Showcase your creative side with sample arts and crafts and pictures of what you’ll be doing with their children. It will show how involved and engaging you are. Also list nearby kid friendly places, restaurants, shops, parks and museums you will explore with their children. You can include your favorite meals and recipes that you enjoy cooking to demonstrate your cooking skills and abilities.

6. Daily Log

This is extremely helpful when caring for infants. Keep a time log of feedings, things you did with him/her, number of wet diapers, sleep times, mood for the day. This will be an instrumental sheet for the parents to have when they are with their baby for the evening.

7. Planners/Calendars

Keeping a calendar organized and synced with the children, and parents schedule will be a vital tool to assure the household runs smoothly. Listing all playdates, doctor visits, school recitals, your personal days and travel dates will keep busy parents up to date with what you have schedule for their kids for the week. Simply put, a nanny binder is constructive way to keep everyone in the household on the same page.

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