What Makes a Top-Notch Executive Housekeeper?

Many Pavillion clients travel throughout the summer either cruising the Caribbean, boating in Nantucket or escaping the city’s heat by heading out to the Hamptons.  Once the summer sun fades and the leaves start to fall from the trees, clients reach out to Pavillion looking to fill their household staffing needs. Many of our clients are looking for top-notch housekeepers to care for their homes.  But, what actually makes a housekeeper ‘top-notch’?  Below are some of the skills, qualifications, and experience many of our clients look for when filling housekeeping jobs.

Highly Regarded Qualifications When Finding Housekeeping Jobs

  1. Experience: At least 3 to 5 years of experience working in private homes (in Manhattan)
  2. Skills & Requirements: Possess an in-depth knowledge of proper cleaning procedures and products, time and task management, methodical/meticulous, and fit enough to meet the physical demands of a fast-paced environment
  3. Cooking: You do not have to be a chef, but someone who is comfortable and can excel in the kitchen is a big plus
  4. Passport and Travel Ready: Many of our clients travel throughout the year, both domestically and internationally, so being travel and passport ready is a must!
  5. FLEXIBILITY is KEY! A Housekeeper that is extremely flexible with their schedule is a huge plus for our clients. With the busy lifestyles, families need housekeepers who don’t mind staying late or working a weekend on occasion. Flexibility is very appealing to many.
  6. Personal Qualities: Motivated, reliable, dedicated, and service-oriented
  7. Discreet and Trustworthy: You will be working inside their home, overhearing personal conversations, being around their family, children, and friends. They need someone who will respect their privacy and keep whatever they hear to themselves.
  8. Great References: You must have glowing recommendations and long-term, verifiable references

Apply to Be a Pavillion Executive Housekeeper

If you have all of these traits plus more, you may be an Executive Housekeeper.  An Executive Housekeeper or Head Housekeeper exhibits the above skills but also has management skills to help handle the logistics of a busy household. They have the intelligence to shop for the home, deal with vendors, train and supervise staff, handle entertaining, and manage household calendars (and in some cases budgets), to make sure that the home is a welcoming and stress-free place.


If you’re a top-notch household staffer looking for housekeeping jobs, please reach out and contact us today!


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