Summer is Over, But It Is the Perfect Time to Hire Household Staff!

I need to hire a new Housekeeper when we return from the summer season.  How far in advance do I need to start my search?  Is it too early?  Is it too late?  What is the best way to structure my search discreetly when I have someone currently in the role?  Help! 

The summer is over and thoughts have turned to your current staffing situation.  Does it meet your changing needs?  Is it possible to improve your current staffing situation?  Is it too soon to start? How can I ensure the search will be confidential and not upset current staff?  Rest assured, this is easier than it might seem.

The Best Time to Start Your Household Staffing Search

First – it is always possible to improve your staff and now that summer is over is the best time to look.  Many top professional household staff are looking for new positions after the summer because the situation with their current employers has changed. The most important part of the search is not letting current staff know that you are looking.  The easiest way is to communicate solely through a private cell phone and a totally secure email – an account that cannot be easily accessed through a shared home computer.  Many families establish a new email just for search purposes.  Interviews can be conducted away from the home – at a coffee shop, business office or in our private conference room.

Get Your Household Staffing Search Started Today

Sometimes, a family just has a “feeling” that things can improve.  That is where our expertise as Household Staffing experts comes in.  We can analyze and advise a family as to the viability of a search, the likelihood of finding an improvement, or perhaps, we can help by simply making suggestions that would enable you to keep your current staff with some minor adjustments and re-training.

We are here to listen and help.  You might be surprised what you can learn!

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