Summer is Over, But It Is the Perfect Time to Hire Household Staff!

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Summer is Over, But It Is the Perfect Time to Hire Household Staff!

I need to hire a new Housekeeper when we return from the summer season.  How far in advance do I need to start my search?  Is it too early?  Is it too late?  What is the best way to structure my search discreetly when I have someone currently in the role?  

Questions We Often Hear When Determining Household Staffs’ Compensation

One of the thorniest issues when hiring household staff is salary and compensation.  How is it determined?  What is fair market rate? What does Depending On Experience (DOE) really mean?

In general salaries for household staff are determined by two factors – the staff’s current salary and what is “market”. 

Understanding Your Rights as a Domestic Worker

While worker’s rights are clear and commonplace in organized industries nationwide, as a domestic recruitment specialist, I often find that the rights of domestic professional are unclear to both employers and employees. Luckily, the New York State Department of Labor provides an in-depth resource on their website outlining the “Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights which took effect on November 29,

Best Practices for Communications among Executive Household Staff

Communication is the key to getting any job done right, and household tasks are no exception to that rule. Not only is it important for you to be able to communicate directly with your staff, but also for staff members to have a way to effectively communicate with each other.

Strategies for Negotiating Contracts with Executive Household Staff

Contracts can be a tricky subject when you hire someone new to work in your home. But they are absolutely crucial for establishing responsibilities, payment, and non-financial benefits for what will hopefully be a successful long-term working relationship.

Here are some contract negotiation strategies to keep in mind as you hire new executive household staff for your home.

Healthy and Fun Ways to Incorporate Pumpkin into Family Meals

Pumpkin is the quintessential vegetable of fall, and many of us forget about how delicious it is around this time of year. However, pumpkins aren’t just festive, and they actually make incredibly healthy and dynamic additions to family meals. The nutrients in pumpkins have shown to help improve vision, induce restful sleep,

Household Staffing For Your Holiday Hustle!

As the holidays quickly approach, so does the hustle and bustle of entertaining (and being entertained). If you require experienced household staffing such as a polished Holiday Butler, a Private Chef for your parties, or a safe ride all season long with a knowledgeable Private Chauffeur, Pavillion Agency can help.

Educational Activities Infants and Toddlers can do with their Nannies – Rosalie Aguilar

Can’t decide which nanny is best suited for your needs? This is the perfect time to reach out to a professional nanny service and speak with one of our professional nanny consultants. We are uniquely qualified to explain the wide range of credentials and experience that our nannies bring to their chosen profession.

Is the Fair Chance Act Really Fair?


A New York City law called the “Fair Chance Act” says employers cannot ask about your criminal record until after offering you a job. The new law went into effect on October 27, 2015

Private Chauffeur for Halloween in NYC

While Halloween is a joyous time in the city where countless families take to the street in celebration, there are, without a doubt inherent issues of public safety to consider.  As a resident of the Upper East Side, I have seen (with much success) many of my neighbors hire additional individuals to help put their family’s security matters at ease.